Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bikini Season Has Come To An End

Bikini Season is over!!! Not that I can wear one.. The picture on the right is ME 45 years ago in my blue & white check bathing suit. The picture on the left is my grand, Zoe in the same bathing suit. No... we do not look alike. She takes after her mom and her Poppa. I had a time washing this bathing suit by hand. I was so gentle with it. It is 45 years old!!! LOL
Just sharing the end of Bikini Season with ya'll.... Till later!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Cross Stitch Purses

I thought I would post pictures of my 2 cross stitch purses. I made these about 3 years ago. I start using the Halloween Purse on Oct. 1st.

The pattern is from Lizzie Kate called Scardy Cats. I always get a lot of compliments when I am using the purses.
I love the orange eyelash trim. I made my mom a black bag with purple eyelash trim with Witch Fabric on the inside.

This is my November/Thanksgiving Purse. I start carrying it on Nov 1st.

I think it was a Kit from Heart N Hand from a long time ago. I also have the HNH Deer with button finished . I have never made it into a purses. I have it in my Finishing Pile.

This is the inside fabric of the Thanksgiving Purses. I think it goes real well with the orange & yellow trim.

Well... That is my Show & Tell for today. I have stitching to do.

Till Later........

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wally World Visit

This is my grandson Josh.... He is sporting the latest in shopping safely wear.
You will need this when oncoming traffic in Wally World is riding scooters.

This is what his buggy looks like every visit... No, we did not purchase these things.
See that smile!! He thinks he is getting all this and the snake too.
We then, have to take it all to price scanner that hangs on a pole and let him scan them.. I don't know the working of my grandson's mind. LOL

We then have to try putting back all that stuff, but we are not bad.. We do let him ride and play a game before we leave.. This was all done yesterday. Tonight we were at Wally World again.. I did make it out without going broke in the Game Room. I bought him a red slush drink..

Raeanne had tubes removed surgical from her ears today. While Dr B.. (ears, nose, & throat Dr. ) was in there he removed a tumor. She is in some pain, but says she can now hear HEAR... That is a good sign.... She goes back in to see Dr B Thursday, this coming week. Please say a pray for her and for her pain.

Thank You... Till Later...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Snaps

I thought I would post some pictures of stitched Halloween project done by me over the years. Hope you enjoy!!

This was a Freebie from years ago. Can't remember designer. I purchased button of the witch on a broom and the frame was used for an old Mill Hill Design, I never finished stitching.

These pillows have been stitched for years. The Don't Bug Me and Bug Off Baby are Lizzie Kate Freebies. I stitched them on 7 count Black . The Pumpkin Fever pillow was a Lizzie Kate Kit. The Spider is a chart from Fanci That. The first thing I ever stitched with Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.

This is perhaps my favorite !!! This was a chart from Hillside Samplings Designs. I purchased it and all the supplies from Deb at Stitches N Things Shop. I still have some of that green chenille slime. I just love the color. I still see this chart sometimes on Ebay.

This is a Favorite too ! By designer - Twisted Threads. Listen Honey.... Series. I had it stitched for a long time. Even had the Mat cut for it.. I happen to be in Wal-Mart one day and spotted this frame on clearance for $3.00. Rest is History... LOL

This is my Black Glitter Tree. Excuse Zoe's high chair. That is The Queen's Chair. LOL I know you can't see them... But there are 2 black mice with those birds. I love them. Tree came from Home Goods Store about 2 years ago. I went in the other day and there Halloween stuff had all been picked over or broken. Nothing I seen I could live without.

That is the end of my little show.... Hope it got everyone in the Halloween Spirit!!!

Till Later.......

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boo, Floss, & Hangtags

Hello There....

I finished stitching Boo by Homespun Elegance last night. My Wrist hurts. I wonder why... Here is a picture. What do ya'll think about the silver thread for pumpkins face? I will finish this out as a box top. I have found a box and I will need to paint it. As soon as painted and finished complete, I will show.

Here is the Floss and Hang Tags. The Cricket made...

I haven't glued the hang tags together yet.. I need to get back to stitching on the Model for Brenda. I will be watching TV and stitching all afternoon. It is already 96 here at my casa/halloween yard.

Happy Birthday Mom !!!

I love you Momma! I thank the Lord for you each day. I could have lost you to cancer, but The Lord seen that we love and need you to much, to lose that battle. You are a fighter and a strong lady. so... remember you have a daughter that loves you so much! Have a great day !!

PS.. enjoy that new carpet!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Still Stitching Away

I am stitching away on the Model for Brenda @ With Thy Needle & Thread. This night.. I took a break and started stitching a Freebie - Boo from Homespun Elegance. I am stitching it on Purple Linen with Black Rayon Floss. It is going very fast. I should have a picture of it to post tomorrow.

Went to my sister in laws today. She got one of those New Cricket Machines. It is amazing to watch what all can be made with it. She pushed some buttons.. and Whal-la.... I have pretty floss cards. She also showed me how it cuts out hang tags and and it made them 3-D.. Printed and cut all at one time, all the pieces then you can layer for that 3-D look.. I would like to have a machine like that but... Out of my price range...
Till Later ..... I can dream of this machine !!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Blog Look !

I have changed the blog to reflect Fall... Well, I am waiting for Fall, but it will not show up. It was 96 here today. Is to be in the 90's for about 2 more weeks. That is, at least what the weather people are saying.. They can not even give me any rain ! It has been 3 weeks since the last Little Little rain shower. I have not mowed the grass. What Grass? It is all dead! Flowers are Dead ! I am celebrating Halloween early at my house this year! Yard looks like it belongs in front of a falling down house.. Wait a minute.. That is my house!!! LOL My big oak tree is even wilted. To hot outside to even look at the window.. Maybe... I can draw the drapes and just sit inside and turn Air condition down and pretend it is cool weather. I do have the leaves fallen.. No rain and the leaves die. I have to start sweeping and raking in the 90 degree weather.
No... I am thankful. I have my health to get out there and do it!!

Till Later......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dairy Queen Cake High

It is 10:00 pm... I am wide awake !!! why, you ask?.... I ate Birthday Cake again this weekend. I thought I was doing good. It was only a Diary Queen Ice Cream Cake... I just noticed a pattern..... I am capitalizing all the words that are FOOD... LOL Is it a cake high? I came in from the party... Niece Hannah Grace turned 10 years old Party. I was so sleepy. I thought I will just lay down for a little bit... Well, I awoke at 8:00 pm from a 3:00 ( I will just close my eyes for a little bit) Nap. Now, mind you, I have had cake for 3 weeks in a row. Is the sugar from these Cake parties, maybe... ganged up inside my body and NOW, they want to make an appearance. I have all this energy at 10:00!!!
I guess I could stitch on something. I did get the package in from Brenda at With Thy Needle & Thread Designs. I am stitching a model for her. I do some of her models. I can't show any of it... It is a secret till she revels it on her Blog. All I can say is... It is a cute one !!! As always.
Well, I am having computer problems.. I am speeding faster than my computer... LOL
Maybe I need to go clean up my kitchen... Yea.. That sounds great!!! NOT.....
Till Tomorrow.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update on Sun Porch

Just a quick picture of sun room in progress. This is the room Boss said to clean out today. It is cleaned out. I am tired. Now to finish ceiling, insulate walls, put up bead board walls, put up lights, trim, put down pad and carpet. No much left.... ready.... LOL
No stitching Just cleaning !!! Till tomorrow.....

Finished A Stitch

I finished stitching Wicked. Now to figure out how to put it in the Necklace Tin. Twisted Threads web site says to attach to a board and then put the board in tin and press together side?? I am afraid Board will fall out. If anyone has any suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated....

Please pay no attention to the floss holders... I made them in a hurry. LOL Just so I could remember the Belle Soie Colors that came in the kit... I am thinking of making some more. Only this time, I will try some pretty paper.

I have not been stitching on Ghosty at all. I am still waiting on the special thread, 1 skein to do Batty.. I think I will look for them at another on-line shop. I have been waiting 2 months for the order to come in.. Does it usually take that long?
I was left orders this morning from Main Boss.. Hubby ( he thinks he is Boss) that I needed to clean everything out of sun room. Now.... I'll have you know, I have been out there for a solid hour... I have filled up back side porch that is covered with table, 4 chairs, 5 boxes, 4 tubs, tools, molding, 5-1 gallon paint cans, 3 quart size cans, and all kinds of crap.... LOL Where am I going to put all this stuff?
Josh is helping me... So far... He has moved the sand around in his sandbox, played on his swing set, and played on the non-moving lawn mower... LOL BIG HELPER .....To be a kid again....
Well, Till Later......

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is what I am working on ! Wicked by The Primitive Needle. I bought the kit that Shakespeare's Peddler Shop had put together with the fabric, Belle Soie Silks, and Tin from Twisted Threads. She also includes the Freebie. I just now, need to find a long chain. Maybe I need to think about finishing the stitching first!! LOL My mind keeps jumping around... I see all this stuff I want to stitch. Not to mention.... Sew... Where is the time???
Went to the library Monday... Doctor and shopping with mom yesterday.... Today I am off to mom's again. I am going to paint crown molding in her bedroom. She is doing a complete bedroom makeover. Carpet. painted walls, painted trim, new bed linens.... the whole works... Oh... by the way... Mom, that Red Old Lamp will not go with all that blue & cream.... When I get there, we will need to find another place to put it...
Till later.... I have ideas for bedroom makeover...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zoe's Big Weekend

Zoe's Big Day turned out great ! She now has tons of toys and clothes. This is baby girl in her Tutu. She wears her cake really well. LOL Her Aunt Ellen machine embroidered her onesie with a purple faerie. She also did her a matching bib.

Saturday morning we went to pick up the cake at Publix... We had to wait a little bit for it to be ready. That was ok because we got to watch them make it.

Raeanne accidentally stuck her finger in Zoe's single cake. We put the cake in the back of the Tahoe and I forgot about it when we were going down the mountain towards home.. There is a traffic light at the bottom of the mountain.. Wouldn't you know It turned RED on me and I had to stop fast. We heard the cake slide...... But thank you Lord.. Cake was not messed up. We had a morning ..Josh had 3 meltdowns just while we were in Publix... It started raining hard when we lefted. Zoe never took a nap before her party....

It has been a long weekend, but a fun one. Now... Next weekend is my niece, Hannah Grace's (10) and my mom's birthday is Sept 21th. That makes 4 Birthdays within 3 weeks. Is that just to much cake??? I didn't think so.... LOL

I forgot to mention that Zoe fell asleep during her party. She did open her gifts, but then it was lights out . She took her nap on the fold out Princess Sofa we gave her.

I want to ya'll thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy writing and putting pictures about my Dull Life... It is not as Dull as it used to be... I wonder why????

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paradise Lost Chart

I won this chart off Ebay. I was so excited when I got it!!! I opened it up and.... Well, It was missing pages 1 & 2. I did get it at a very LOW price... Maybe that is why. LOL I contacted the seller and she was real nice . She said she bought it new and never opened. She refunded my money and said I can keep the chart... Now I need a little help... I hate to ask but does anyone have pages 1 & 2 they could share. It would be much appreciated. I have been wanting this chart since it was released. I have it now minus pages 1 & 2 ... LOL That is always my luck.. Or should I say, ONLY ME....
I have made a decision to axe Facebook all together. So many negative people and people who gripe about everything. Maybe it is just my Friends... LOL I had not thought about that.....
Till Later

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Am Dead Tired !

Have you ever been so tired that you don't even want to take a shower? That is me. Hubby went and got the Dump Truck and Bobcat today. We have been working in the yard.. In 95 degree temps since about 4:30 till.. What time is it? lol I don't know why I think I can do jobs, that are going to take weeks in ONE DAY. urghhh I have misspelled a bunch of words trying to type this blog... Bare with me!!! I am covered in dirt and grass. Why?... Because we have had no rain in about 2 weeks. Its rains a half a mile down the road from us... still pretty green leaves on the trees. My yard.. Let's just say.... It looks like fall. Dead leaves blowing off the wilted trees.. Not a pretty picture. Dust everywhere! Trying to get yard looking half way decent..
Birthday Party is tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for wishing Zoe a Happy Birthday! She is 1 today !!! Josh rode the bobcat with his Poppa tonight. He fell asleep while riding... I got him on the lawn mower and took him across the street to his house... just in time for supper..He is as tired as me... lol
Well, I have drank a lot of water and have cooled off somewhat... Time to go, get all this grass and dirt off and hit the bed.. Till later........

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I GOT THIS !!!!!

I got this in yesterday's mail !!! I didn't post then because I was looking at it all day !!! Three of my favorite ornaments are on the cover. The Sock Monkey:

The Blackbird Design Ornament:

Of Course the ornament by Paulette - Plum Street Sampler:

I used to work for Just Cross Stitch Magazine, for about 12 years. I began as a stitcher of the models in the magazine. I did that for about 10 years. It was so fun at times, to see the things I stitched on the front cover. I also stitched a lot of the Disney Kits & Duplicate Sweater leaflets that were released back in the 90's. I also did stitching for the Sampler & Antique Quarterly Magazine and McCall's Needlework Magazine. Then, I started Proofing the graphs. I really liked that. Why? Because I got to see all those great ornaments and stitched pieces before the public. Now.... I am the public. LOL I have to wait like everyone else... I miss working for them. It was so much fun. But, I like stitching for me... No deadlines... LOL

Well.....Tomorrow is our Zoe's 1st Birthday !!! Her party will be Saturday! Can't wait for more cake!!! I will take it easy this time. Easier said then done... I know. But, I will try.....

Till Later....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

29 Years And Counting

This weekend was my 29th Wedding Anniversary ! It was a busy weekend. We had a 1st Birthday party to celebrate. Cousin's little girl, Bailey turned one. Zoe's Birthday is this coming weekend. Big Fairy Party to be happening at Zoe's House!!! She will turn one!! We then went out to eat. Raeanne and Grands went with us.

Sunday, I woke up sick. I think overindulgence of Birthday Cake and Ice Cream is not good for a diabetic.... and To think I brought some of the cake home and ate it too !! LOL Can you tell I love Birthday Cake.

Yesterday, we went to our friends house to visit. Had a great time!

I did get some stitching finished....

The witch is a Twisted Threads chart. The Welcome is a Plum Street Design. I put the little buttons with the year 1692.. Year of the Salem Witch Trials. I still have to put a little hang tag with Salem written and attach it to the pillow. The last... I think is a Sisterhood Design... Don't hold me to it. I made it into a little bag. I will fill it with dried herbs this fall.
We did get some insulation put in the ceiling of the sun room. Thought we would get further along with the ceiling than we did... but, Oh Well.....
Till later... Going to clean this messing house today!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

They're Back !!!!!

Remember This LOOK? Valley Girl of 1980's... Well the style is back. I have been seeing the white sunglasses all summer. Then I noticed the leggings put out this past winter.. Now... The Ruffled or Puffed skirt is Back!!! OMG... When is it going to stop.

I braved the Mall again today with Raeanne & grands. I braved all the Vultures. Had to do all the No Thanks... to the Massage people, Wrinkle cream people and the Eyebrow lady again... The we get to Belks'.. I am looking for baby girl Zoe some Birthday clothes. This is what I found in a size 18 months:

See the 80's are back !!! I was in my late teens and early 20's during that time.. But this outfit for Zoe.... Nope... I know that the 70's clothes have been back IN for a couple of years.. Peace signs, torn jeans, & leather stuff. Well , I never thought I would see the 80's come back around... But I did today. The whole kids section for girls had this type of clothing. I did found some dresses I liked. Here:

I love the Green Halloween Dress. They were 40% off. Put them at about $17.00. Can not make them for that price. Back to the leggings...I got side tracked.... I am not a size 6 and never have been. As you can tell by the picture below.... You will not find these thunder thighs in a pair of leggings w/ a big shirt.. They think, I want to wear them, by the ones I've seen in the Women's Size Dept. or in the different Women Size Shops... But No, I Do Not and Will Not Wear Leggings! That said and now...Here is a picture of me & Josh waving Bye.....

Did ya'll notice he was on a Pig this ride.. I suggested this one. Of course, he went to the pretty brown and pink horse with rhinestones again....

Bye Bye ya'll

Till Tomorrow.... ROLL TIDE !!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cross Stitch Finish

I have done something since I have been back... Laundry... Tons of laundry. lol I did finish this stitching into a pillow last night. My mom stitched the pieces back in the 80's. She had them in a box full of thread and cross stitch stuff... I guess that means she will not be cross stitching anymore.. She has taken up knitting. That is something I can not do.

I coffee stained the stitching to make it match the colors in the fabric. I think it turned out cute. I also put a Halloween bag together last night. I only have the strap left to finish and attach. I will show it tomorrow.
I have not stitched any on Ghostly. He is the same... Half filled in... lol
I was glad to be back from the beach. Missed my grands.. I asked Josh what he wanted his Gigi to bring him back from the beach? He said," A Sand Castle". OK.... Well guess what I found in a souvenir shop. A sand castle.. I got him and Zoe each one. They put them on their dressers in their bedrooms. I need to go see them today. I missed seeing them yesterday. I am glad they are across the street from me. I also need to go get my lawn mower... lol
All my North Eastern Coast Friends, Ya'll keep a watch on Earl !!! I am.....
Till later ....
Still have some things for sale on Selling Blog....