Friday, September 28, 2012

Mobile Home Makeover #2 - Still In Progress

We went across to trailer #1 this afternoon. We loaded up a 16 foot trailer and the back of Hubby's pickup for a landfill run tomorrow morning. We should have just loaded the big ol dump truck and used it. We have 1 more load to do after this one.  Then I start painting and we start fixing it up.
I promised pictures of the outside of Trailer #2. When we first started working on it.  Remember This One?
 All we had done was put in the new windows. I also have a new front door, and a porch, and a metal roof, and underpinning, and it painted, and siding, and shutters.... lol  You get the picture...

As you can tell by the tools and the 5 gallon bucket of paint, it is still a work in progress. I guess you can say I live out on the porch.. I sit in the rocker and rock away.... 
I don't know what I will do with all these ferns this winter. I have 3 Queen Ferns.. I don't know what I need to do to winterize them. I would love to try to keep them alive through the winter..  The hanging ones I can handle them.. I have a place to store them and I know they will shed some this winter.
Does anyone know what I can do with the Queen Ferns. They are in pots and buckets. There is the one hanging, but it is in the original bucket it came in. I take it out of the hanging basket when it rains so it can drink... It has doubled it's size this summer. 
Cross Stitch News - I am mailing out my Halloween Swap/Exchange in the morning.. I decides so last minutes changes.. Glue gun is heating up here at 10:53 pm.. How is that for working down to the minute?  lol  I hope my stitcher friend loves what I am mailing out to them!  I smell glue heating!!  Till Later....

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am patiently waiting on Fall. It is in the mid 80's here in Bama. Football has started and it is still warm. I like cool nights with a bowl of chili for warmth or to watch Bama play ball and a bowl of chili.  Can you tell I am wanting to cook a big pot of chili!  It is just still to warm.  I am going to cook some anyway Saturday. Weatherman said it will rain all Saturday. I can't wait!! Maybe it will cool off!
I have finished my Halloween Exchange. I have it ready to mail out tomorrow!  I am so excited. I loved stitching this.. Of course, I love anything Halloween. I have been making some other crafts that are not Cross Stitch. I have moved my craft table in the sun room. I have a Big O Pile of stuff for the annual fall yard sale. I have yet to retrieve the Fall decorations of all their bins in the shed... I went with Raeanne and grands today looking at Halloween decorations. I kept looking at stuff and saying, I think I have that in a bin!  lol
Maybe if I would unpack all those bins, I would know if I already have it!!!
 Hubby is trying to save the old potting shed and move it over here to our place. He thinks he can move it with the Bobcat. I hope so... It will only have to go across the street. We will see how that goes! Wish us luck!  lol
I think we started working on Trailer #2 (one we live in) in 2009. I have the link for when The Mobile Home Makeover started. If you want to see what it was like, here is the link:
 also here:
and here:
and here:
I need to post new picture. There's been a lot of changes. There is siding on it now. A Tin roof was put on and underpinning painted. I will try a post a front picture with porch and all my ferns tomorrow.
Now to start work on Trailer #1... Here we go again with Mobile Home Makeover!!!   lol
Till Later....


Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday SAL With Denise!

This is my updated picture of my SAL with Denise. I worked on it a good bit yesterday. I watched the TV show Snapped all day.  I like to just listen to the TV and stitch..  I have 3 things I am stitching on right now.. I guess you can say I am rotating the stitching!!..
I wanted to thank everyone that commented on Dear Hubby's sleep apnea. He is getting his machine as I type this. I know it will take some nights for him to get used to it.. Thank you for all your concerns and well wishes. We are very thankful that his Nuclear Stress Test was great. He will hit the big 50 in October. He does worry about his heart because his father passed away from congested heart failure.
I am sorry I have not been blogging much lately.  Dear daughter and her family moved to their new home. They had moved from the trailer that she grew up in. Now, we need to rent the place out.. I have been working on it a lot. I have furniture down there to get out, that I have no room for.. I have my grandmother's dinning room set, table, six chairs, buffet, and china cabinet. Now where am I going to put that?  Guess what... My sun room will now be my craft studio (as Josh says). I am going to use the table in the middle of the room, use the china cabinet to hold all my fabrics. Use the buffet to store all my craft supplies.  The front room that was my craft room will become the Kid's room. Television and computer along with their toys will be in there.  I don't know how this is all going to fit.. Have you ever had things you don't want to get rid of? I know as soon as I get rid of it.. I will need it! 
I have been thinking... I need to only keep the things that I really like or things that mean something to me.  Need to downsize big time.. I know I said that when we moved in here 3 years ago.. I have really filled this place up since then!!! lol
I guess I could blog about fixing and painting up the other place... It has a lot of fixing up that needs to be done to it. I have 5 rooms to paint, carpet to shampoo, and a lot of cleaning.  Just letting y'all know what is going on when you wonder why I have not been blogging much.. I will post pictures as I go along getting this place and the other back into shape.
Till Later.....

Monday, September 17, 2012

My SAL Progress Week #2

Hello Friends!!  Well..week #2 has come and gone, I have little to slow of any progress.  I love the stitching of House That Jacks Built II. Denise is moving right along with hers...
I have nothing else to show tonight. I am watching the CMA Country Music thingie.  I don't know why they call the music country... It is Old Rock & Roll. But I guess there is not anyplace in music for Rock. You have Country, Rap, Hip Hop, Alternative, and Pop Hits.. They are calling Taylor Swift a pop artist. What? She is more country than some of the country singers.
The old rock musicians are just touring around singing the good ol' rock. Nothing new is out there.. Jon Bon Jovi tried a comeback.. It was on the Country Charts. Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish was also on the Country Charts..  I guess Country is were the old artist go to keep playing and singing..If I ever see Aerosmith on a country show, trying for their 20 comeback tour,  I know that ROCK HAS DIED!  lol  I used to not like country music. Now.. I love it. I am waiting to see what Hank Williams Jr performs.
I grew up listening to CCR, Three Dog Night, Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac ( Still love new Skynyrd ) and anything from the 1970's. I sometimes, put the Soft Rock music station on the tv and just stitch to it.  I had forgot ELO was soft rock, along with Chicago... lol When I clean house... I push those channel numberson the remote for DISCO!!!!  lol Then I disco around the house cleaning!! 
That is all for tonight... Jake Owen is on and I have to watch him!!!!   Till later..... Next is Eric Church!!  Wooo Hooo!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Vent on Blogger

Well... I have finally changed over to the new look for Blogger. I am having a hard time just finding my blog list to read!  lol
I hate this new format! I guess I will start reading y'all blogs from the Google Reader format.  Why can't they leave good things along... Just whining here....

I am trying to load a picture now...
At least that works the same... lol  I love this picture from pinterest!
I zipped an email off to my mom as soon as I seen this barrel!  Yes, I was right!  She has a barrel just like it!  Now just to swipe it from her.... lol  and to find some artificial flowers that look real to make me this arrangement!  I may want to add some cat tails. What y'all think?
I think I have to many pokers in the fire, so to say... I have so many things I want to make for Fall. I love Fall! My favorite time of the year.. Goodbye ol' Hot Summer!  I just am not finding time to make any of my things... Is anyone else having this same problem?
I hope everyone had a great weekend.. I am off to stitch on my SAL project with Denise and maybe work on my Halloween Exchange some too.   DH is going back to the sleep study clinic tonight to get fitted with his C-pap machine.. I know he will sleep better.. He has been practicing sleep all afternoon... lol 
Till Later.....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Great Mail This Week!!!!

 Look what was in my mailbox yesterday!  I have looked through it and read the stories and recipes last night. I only found a couple I really like.... If I find time, I will maybe try and stitch them.

I also received these 2 charts from Lori at Notforgotten Farm Monday. I order her charts from her Etsy page. Sisters Of The Broom and Stove Pipe Hill. Cute charts.
An update on DH's test. His Nuclear Stress test got an A-OK, after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting to hear from the doctor. We asked why it took so long and they said that is takes 10 business days for the person to read and fax the results to them (the doctor). Hubby said someone could die within those 14 days waiting on their results...
Results of the sleep study... He does have Sleep Apnea. He had an average of 28 breathing and chocking episodes an hour. No wonder he was tired and sleepy all the time!!! He goes back this Sunday night to be fitted for a CPAP machine and have it adjusted to what he needs to rest and get a good nights sleep.
My family can tell you, my hubby is not a big person. When we married you wore a 29 pants size. He now is up to a 33 pants size and is 5'10" and does not smoke. I guess he is on the Average Joe size with sleep apnea. Nothing we can do about it, but use the machine and hope that helps him.
That is all that is going on this week. I have yet to work on my SAL. I have stitched some on The Halloween Swap. I can't post pictures of that one. It's a secret... lol I did pick up some Halloween and Fall things for The Dollar Tree today.  I am going to use them in my stitching... Y'all will have to wait and see!
Till later.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween Stitching Pictures

Hello everyone!  I finally have picture to show. I love the Sullivan Floss, I give it a thumbs up. Thank you for all the comments on DD house and I did forget I had a Anniversary during all this moving and birthday party. Terri at blog reminded me.. lol  I will let yall know we only went out to eat at Ezell's Fish Cabin. The best hush puppies around, corn and peppers in them. Yum!  Excuse me if I jump around, I Think I have ADHD today...My mind is all over the place. See, I forgot what I was going to say.. lol
Never mind.. On to my finishes:

Prairie Schooler Designs
Sweeping Cobwebs Leaflet
Sullivan Floss - Black & Orange
Coffee Dyed linen
This stitched piece fits just perfect in the frames you can get at Michael's Store. They were in the $1.00 bins. I stocked up on these last year.

Prairie Schooler Designs
Sweeping Cobwebs Leaflet
Sullivan Floss - DK Brown & Orange
Coffee Dyed Lined
I used over dyed trim I Purchased from Nancy at . I love all her over dyed trims.
I forgot to show yall want fabric I backed it with... urghhhh

Better picture of the color of the owl's eyes. Sorry they are blurry. I have a whole stack of stitching that needs framed and sewn together. Plus there are stacks of things I want to make and sew. Not enough time in the day...  Well, My mind is drifting again... and my nose is running.. I think a cold is coming on.. Hot in Bama and now Cool in Bama..
Till later...

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Picture Of My SAL.

It has been a slow week on my SAL with Denise. She has stitched so much more than me. I have been only working on it at night. Let's just say I fell asleep a couple of nights early... lol
My dear daughter and family got moved in to their new house somewhat... They turn only what they needed, just to get ready for Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party. 
Josh is the garage door opener.. lol He lets me out through the door and then says," Bye Gigi". Buzzzz door goes down.  I call and say I am coming and the door to garage is open and he waits till I come in and Buzzz the door goes down.. I wonder if I will ever get to use the front door.   lol
Zoe's 3rd Birthday party was a Wild One..  She had a Miss Kitty party. Her Miss Kitty cake had a light up Miss Kitty. The house was so loud!! All that hardwood and tile. I like my carpet. No echos.. 
That was my weekend.  I know I said I had some finishes to show. I will have to upload those pictures tomorrow. I am to popped tonight.  Till Later......

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday.. and No Pictures Because Of Blogger....

I have been trying to post pictures for about 2 hours now. Blogger will not let me upload..
I did get some stitching put together today. Finished one in a little frame. Then I made one into a little pillow.
I loved using the Sullivan Floss. I went back yesterday and bought more in different colors.
I guess since blogger will not let me upload pictures.. I will watch the Nightly News.. Till later......

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Stitch A Long....

 I am doing a SAL with Denise of
Hey Denise!!! (waving to you) I am late with my introduction of the SAL and the piece.. Please forgive me... I love this Prairie Moon, The House That Jack Built II.  My pictures are crap... It has been dark and raining here in the middle of Bama.. ROLL TIDE! just had to say that.. lol

I will be stitching with Sullivan Floss. I am not using the silks called for. I love the feel of this floss. It feels like silk without the outrageous price of the silk thread. I will be stitching on 40 count Zweigart Newcastle Linen. The color is Heritage.  I love this molted color linen.  I will not have to dye because it already is.  I got this linen from Silkweaver Fabrics. They have actions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on their Facebook page.. Lets just say.. I have no money left, but I do have plenty of fabric for the next 20 years!  lol  You can follower Denise and me and we stitch away through the week and update on Mondays. See... I am already behind!
Today is mine and hubby's 31st Anniversary. Will we be doing anything special?  nope.... same ol, same ol.... This morning I did help him change a riding mower tire... I held the valve stem through the hole in the wheel for him to get the tire back on!  Woohoo!!!  lol
The kids spent the past 2 nights in their new house.. DD says they have no cable yet.. she is about to have TV withdraw.  Kids are watching DVD's. She can only take so much Max and Ruby and Autobots.   Well... I am going to start my new SAL now!!! This is the first one I have ever done!! Wish me luck!!!  Till Later.....