Thursday, July 26, 2012


The Olympics start tomorrow. I have said before I am not a summer fan.. I love the Winter Olympics. I love all winter sports! I watch all events in the Winter Olympics that I can.
Summer Olympics, I only like to watch the gymnastic events. I had a trip done memory lane of the 70's and 80's gymnastic events today. I had forgot alot of the faces and wins.
Remember Her:

 Nadia Comaneci!  I thought she was the best!  She was the first ever person in a gymnastic event to score perfect tens. Loved watching her...
 Then there was Bart Connor. All those goods looks....and guess what?
 Bart and Nadia are together and have a family!!! Love it, I did not know this till today.. Where have I been? Like I said, I love Winter Olympics!!!  lol
 I am not a Michael Phelps fan.  I am a fan of this man! Mark Spitz. He is still looking good in his older years... lol

Mary Lou Retton!  I love this outfit she wore!  So USA!!!  I hope they have great outfits this year! 

and.. I had to add this great Olympian from 1976!  Yes...

Bruce Jenner

 He was a very good looking man in 1976. Don't you think so?  I did when I saw this picture.. Now Look at him -

Bruce Kardashian!  What happened?  I think it is that woman. I do not watch their show.. I did read today that the whole family voted, yes, VOTED for him to have another plastic surgery on his face! He said he had one 20 years ago and another one recently.  Big Mistake Bruce!  Sorry, but you look creepy...  lol
I still like you as Bruce Jenner the Gold Medalist...
I can do without Bruce Kardashian!  lol

Till later.... I am going to look over the Olympic events and times to get a game plan... lol

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Cross Stitch Finish!!!

 I have finished stitching the Memorial Sampler by Midsummer Night Designs. I stitched it on 40 Count Flax. I also used the called for GA Threads. 
 This is me and my brother's names. Trey is really Robert Manly Whitaker III. My dad was a Jr. I did not put the Jr. on the end of my dad's name. My dad went by the nickname PeeWee.
 The names really made some problems for me... I wanted to put PeeWee in there, somewhere... and I didn't want my brother's real name to be longer than mine... lol  So I just put both our go-by names and filled in with flowers on each side. My grandad ( Pawpaw) was Bob, my dad was Peewee, and my brother is Trey.. So you can see they did and do not go by Robert.. lol
I now need to find a frame for it. I have not emptied the closet as of yet, to see if I have a frame..
I have been doing housework today.. boooooo!
Till later....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 This is the necklace I won from LuLu's Blog. I just love it!  Just says SUMMER!  LuLu makes beautiful things. All kinds of things!!! Please check out her blog here:
Thank You LuLu !!  I Love The Necklace!!!

 This is me, I told LuLu I would model the necklace on my blog.. Please overlook the beginnings of The Chicken Neck!  You know Chicken Neck.. That skins that starts hanging do on both sides of the middle of your throat, from your chin... That is Chicken neck! You would think me not being a small gal, that I would not have the beginnings of a Chicken Neck...It runs in my family like the bad skin.. Light skin with freckles and bat wings under the upper arms!!!  I was made fun of the other day, I was jumping on mini trampoline with Zoe Bug, we were holding hands and jumping.. I heard the words, " I think she is trying to take off ."  They, ( DD and DH) were making comments about my bat wings flapping. lol I laughed right along with them... It was my fault.. I knew better than to wear that tank top outside when playing.... lol

 Wanted to do a little plug for my friend Michelle at Raspberry Rabbits. She has released a book. It is great for quilters and nonquilters.. I am a nonquilter.  lol  I am learning.. This book is wonderful! Sorry my picture is blurred. It is dark and rainy. Here is Michelle's site if you would love to see what the patterns are and to order one:
I love that Michelle gives you a view of all the patterns included in the book. Easy instructions. Great pattern pieces to work with.
I am working on a Fusion model for her now. It is great! So see, Old Gals can learn new things!!! 

This is my clearance purchases for today.. Hobby Lobby seen me coming!  All the little boxed bottle are from a company called Art-C. They have glitter or beads in each bottle. I also got the Media Cards real cheap. The Cricket spatula was not on clearance, but I needed it. 
I know I said I would have a finish to show today.. I fell asleep last night.. It will be shown tomorrow..  so, tune in to my regular scheduled program for the pictures.
Till later....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Have Pre-Ordered!

You will not find me traveling everywhere hunting the new Christmas 2012 JCS. Nope... I have pre-ordered... lol 
I have been stitching away today. I will have a finish to share tomorrow!!  Check back with me!! 
Till Later....

Friday, July 13, 2012

Becoming Sherlock Holmes.....

Yes, I became Sherlock Holmes today. Everyone has been talking about the new Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue. My friend Bonnie sent me a email with a peek! Everyone on 123 Message Board has been saying they have received or purchased from their LNS.. I don't have a local needlework shop. What is a stitcher to do?....  I try all the places that sale JCS. I stop at Wally World first... Nope, Just the new issue... I then, stop at Publix Supermarket... Nope. This is where I usually buy my issues.  I know!! Books A Million will have it!. I get back in the car drive about 7 miles away to BAM. I am all excited...I look all over the craft section. OH NO!! I don't see it.. I ask a associate.. She goes in the back.. Comes out about 5 minutes later.. No Magazine in her hand.. She says they have not received it yet... I am deflated right there in my little space. What, BAM does not have it?  Is it because I live in South? That magazine originates in Alabama and no one in Alabama has it!  Come On!!!
I drag myself out of the store.. On the way out I think of a place.. Maybe Barnes and Noble has it... That is another 5 miles down the road and through a bunch of traffic lights and bumper to bumper traffic.. Do I want to chance it.. For them to tell me they don't have it.. You bet I do!!  lol
I drive through all that traffic pull into the B & N parking lot at 10:06.. Let me also say that I did dress up for this outing. Hair fixed, makeup and presentable clothing. I was rocking the sunglasses too..
I go in and head straight to the magazines.. I look and look and start to wez and blow air.. Then a employee comes over and puts a stack of magazines down and guess what is on top???

 You guessed right!!! I was giggling.. I told her, I was about to hire a private detective to find this magazine.. I also got the latest issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework. BAM didn't have it.. B & N is now my go to store!  I know y'all are telling me that I could have just ordered it from 123 Stitching. They have fast delivery.I will do that next year for sure...

Here is a picture of my stitching on the Memorial Sampler. I hope to have it finished this weekend. I just need to finish that bottom line. Put in the names and dates and it will be finished.. The frame I chose will not fit.. I will need to dig around in the closet again..

I did finally get molding put up around the closet. I piddled around with those wooden doors for about a year.. I painted and bought new knobs.. DH would not help.. I went one day and bought these curtains and threw those doors on the dump trailer. DH came in to shoot the nails in one afternoon with the nail gun and asked where the doors were... I had to explain to him.. he took them to the dump about 2 weeks ago..  He unloaded the trailer!  Men !!!
So, looking for a frame behind the curtain will be like playing Let's Make A Deal without Monty Hall!! That curtain is hiding a lot of stash, and frames.  If I can just find the right one!! Stay Tuned.....

PS.. That jelly cupboard in the picture, my DH made back in the late 80's.. No pattern. Just a picture I seen in a magazine. It holds all my linen for stitching and fabric for sewing...
He used to be real handy... What happened?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tree Fort

This is what we have been working on since before it got HOT!!!
Treefort - Playhouse.  Still have more to do.. Like find some doors, finish the lattice and I have to do something above Zoe's window. She has a little shelf. I need to make her a flower box for some flowers. Fake flowers... lol  Nothing is living in our heat here.. My grass crunches.  I have been watering every 2 days.. But you know what?
NO Mosquitoes!!  I wonder why? Is it to dry or hot for them? That is the mystery question for today. If there is a mosquito around, it will found me.. It will hunt me down just to get me... lol
Can't stay on here long.. I have cornbread in the oven with a meatloaf.. Going to mash some potatoes and fry some orka!  I am now hungry!!   Till later.....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Where Did The Week Go !!!

That is the question I am asking. It has been a week since I have posted and to tell you the truth.. I don't know what I have been doing.

We did have a great 4th of July.  Mom went and bought some Bar-b-q with all the fixings. She had it all put out on the bar. Meat, baked beans, potato salad, buns, chips, hotdogs, ( for the kids) and a cake iced like a hamburger. She commented as we were eating, that this was the easiest meal she has ever fixed.... I think we are in trouble!!!
We may never get home cooked vegetables again!  I am glad she didn't have to stand up cooking and fixing all the extras. We just sat around and talked with family after eating. Kids running and screaming through the house.. There was only 3... lol  Sounded like an army.. I told mom, aren't you glad me and Trey only had one child apiece!! What if we had 3 or 4 and add grand kids to that total.. I think she would need a bigger house... lol

I visited with my sister in law today. Her sister in law was visiting also... I guess we were the Sister In Law Group. I want you to look at what she gave to me:

It is a Cricut!!  I am going to need to learn how to use it. She also put a cartridge with it and the sticky pad thingies..  I guess I will be studying up on how to use... lol  I have a great sister in law.. Don't I? She also gave me all that stuff a while back.
Hubby just came in.. need to get off here. I got a talking to last night about being on this computer so much...  I heard last night that all he sees is the back of my laptop... lol  He used to say, all he sees is the back of my cross stitch......Times have changed!!!  lol
Everyone have a great weekend! Till later.....