Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Cross Stitch

 This is the model I stitched for Donna at By The Bay Needlearts. I just love all the wildflowers and it was a fun stitch.  I enjoy doing model stitching. You can see it here on Donna's Blog :  She says the pattern will be ready this coming week. I love the crochet flowers she made and put on the frame...

 This Is May Basket that I model stitched for Michelle at the Raspberry Rabbits.  I also gave a sneak peek of the one I was working on a couple of weeks ago. It is called Home Sweet Home.
Can't wait to see it in finished form..
I have been surfing the web today. To hot to do anything else. I came across two new designs I will not be able to live without.. Don't we all say that!  lol

Halloweenies by Paulette - Plum Street Samplers.  I just love this design.  Colors are similiar to Boris and Olga designs.. I will have to get this one.  My grandma had a weenie dog named Heidi while I was little.  The dog on the left reminds me of her...

Of course, I collect Blackbird Designs. I love the colors in the Sarah's House pattern. I love that pinkeep. Can't wait for it to come out...

Last... Brenda's new design!!  Hilda's Alphabet Brew. I have to have this one too. I love anything Halloween!  I love these pillows with the ticking cloth. 
My grandkids came in from the beach late last night..Drove during the night to stay cool. Glad they are home safe. They did get to experience Tropical Storm Debby. She was all wind, rain and angry waves.. They left temps of 89 degrees to come home to 103 with heat index of 105. I think they wanted to head back south today..
I just want to find a cold place to sit and stitch!!!  lol
Take care.... Till Later.....

Friday, June 29, 2012

Squash Post #2

I guess I forgot to mention that after I cooked all this squash. (I was up till 11:30). I let it cool to room temp. Then I put it in freezer bags. 
I also love fried squash. I use it fresh from the garden.
I love fried orka. I am hearing from my garden friends that their okra is burning up... All this heat and no rain.

I love to cut up okra, squash, green tomato, and an onion. Take all that cut up and mix together. I take a gallon zip-lock bag and put cornmeal and a little flour ( just a little). Salt and pepper your vegetables. I throw the vegetables in the bag and shake all around..   Heat up oil in the big non-stick frying pan and pour that bag in there...  Sometimes when I want a little spice.. I will throw in some Mrs Dash seasoning...  That is because I need to lay off the salt.. lol
Well, I have made myself hungry... I may have to get a bag of okra that was put up last summer out and fry me some up..

Okra is like gold  to our family.... lol  We hoard it in our freezers for special occasions. lol  This year may be slim picking for the okra.. I hope not!! 
I am now hoping someone will call me with tomatoes overflowing! I can only hope.. I had my first garden tomato tonight. My lips are chapped so.... that juice burn them.. But it was so good!
Enough on gardens and vegetables.. I have been soaking up the air condition. If I was a dog I would be sitting in front of the blowing air.  lol  I forgot to ask Mom, if big fat Amos cat was laying on the vent by her chair. He weighs over 20 pounds. We took him to the vet last week. We were talking about him being fat and not liking the heat.. I said, " I know how he feels!"  lol
Everyone have a a great weekend and stay cool and out of the heat.
Praying for the people effected by the wildfires.. I have been watching the tv the last couple of days. I can't even imagine. What I have been watching I would call a Fire Storm.

Take care blogging friends....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here A Squash, There A Squash - Everywhere A Squash

My BBF Diana came to visit yesterday. She asked me last week if I would like some squash.. Yes, I would love some..

 Little did I know she would be bring 2 huge bags full and over running.  I met her at the door, she just smiled and said," I was just going to sit these in front of the door, knock and run back to my jeep!"  OMG.. I have squash running out the ying yang..

 So far.. I have cut up 3 of this bowl full.. this picture is not full.. I have cooked 2 dutch ovens full and on my third and I still have 1 big bag left...

If you don't hear from me tomorrow.. I will still being doing squash!!
I have been doing all this washing, cutting and cooking with a bummed up elbow.  I went to the doctor today and she said I had Tennis Elbow.. I don't play Tennis..  I do cross stitch and do needlework... I am now on Steroids and Motrin. Yep.. I am getting old.. I had dislocated that elbow 27 years ago. Now it has decided to act up and start hurting and getting inflammed.
Hope everyone is staying cool and out of the line of wildfires..
Till Later... medication time... hehehehe

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Been Busy As A Cat Covering Up.. You Know!

 I have made some progress on the Memorial Sampler. I have finished the models that I was stitching. So I pulled the Sampler back out.

 The chart Heads Up came in the Mail. I just love it. I want to stitch some of these. Coni of  is getting her Olympic projects ready for the stitching marathon. I love the Olympics.. But only the Winter Olympics.  She has some great projects with USA colors.   I am just trying to get some more July 4th projects done by July 4th... lol I don't think it is going to happen.

This is my jelly cupboard that has all my linen and fabric in it. I still have all those pieces I got from Silkweavers. Now just to put them with charts to stitch..

I have also been sewing some burp clothes. I need to finish 2 of them and take them to my aunt's house this week. Cousin is having a baby and you can never have enough burp clothes. I made sets for both the grands. Josh who was always spitting up.. spit was not the word.. Falling formula was.... He has a delicate system... lol I made Zoe a set when she was born.. She was not like Josh. She kept all her food. The child still loves to eat!! The child fits right in with our family.. We love to eat!  lol You tell her to go sit and we will bring her food. She runs, gets up in the chair and is so happy and swinging her legs and just a smiling.. and she says." I Ready!"  Then the shoveling starts!!!  Can y'all tell I am missing them..
They are at the beach this week.. Yep!! Panama City Beach Florida. During a tropical storm. They left Saturday and have been in the condo since they arrived. They have ventured out today. They are at the Gulf Aquarium. We are not so worried now since the storm moved east. I hope none blogging friends are in the path of this flooding.. I have been watch The Weather Channel for days now.

I need to go cook some squash.  I am going to make squash dressing..

Squash Dressing

3 cups cooked squash
3 cups cornbread, crumbled
3 eggs beaten
1 stick magarine, softened
1 medium onion
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup cheedar cheese, optional

Combine all ingredients (except cheese) and put in a greased casserole dish. Bake at 350 for 35 to 40 minutes until light brown and bubbly. You can put the cheese on top about 5 minutes before baking is done.

If your garden is spitting out so much squash.. This is a great recipe to use with all that squash. I put my squash cooked in freezer bags where I can use it though the year.

Enjoy... Till later...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yard Sale Friday

I went to a yard sale today.  Look at what I got!!  I love this little travel case!  Pretty Red. I need to clean it up. But the inside is like new. It still has the American Tourister rubber luggage tag. With the price of $4.00 I snatched that thing up in a second.  lol 

 A guy a went to school with had the yard sale. I found that gold tree and asked him if he had anymore. He went digging in the storage building and came out with the white tree with glitter. I will paint the tree with basket and star black. I have an idea of a color of dark brown for the white tree, since I have a white tree. I have CEC charts of acorns that I can stitch and put on that tree. I also got the clear glass thingie. I see more sand and seashells inside it. Price for the 3 items $10.00. The price tag on the white tree has 20.00 on it.

 This is how I bought  I began pulling out the flowers and all three still had price tags on them. The fern was 12.99 and the big flower was 6.99 and the other with the white flowers had 5.99. The wire holder had a price of 19.99.  I got it all for $2.00! I will spray the wire holder black to go with my shutters. Those flower may be used for another arrangements. I need some moss to line the holder. Looks like a rode trip to Michaels!

I bought the little white wire basket today. The table I bought about 2 weeks ago. I will sand and paint it. I have my paint... Guess what color?  Turquoise!!!  It will go in the sun room. I will show before and after pictures.. It is just so hot out that I have not even wanted to work on it.
I overheated today. I thought I was going to pass out before I left the yard sale. I made it home. I drank a ton of water. My muscles were hurting, hard to lift my arms and I am weak. I knew from hubby having 2 heat strokes that I needed potassium. He took the last power aide drink to work with him. I grabbed a banana and ate 2 Popsicles and sat under a fan. lol   I am feeling better this afternoon.
Hubby called and checked on me just a few minutes ago. He asked was it worth it to get overheated for a yard sale?  I think maybe so... lol   I am now sitting here working on the Stitchery for Michelle.
Cool and Stitching, as I should be..
My daughter and her little family are headed to the Beach tomorrow. I sure will miss the grands, They will be gone from Saturday to Saturday. Of courrse, there is a storm forming in the Gulf.... I will worry about them.  I have already told her that the grands are not to get in the ocean. We have had 4 drown within 2 weeks at Gulf Shores. The undertow is really bad. So if anyone is headed to the beach be careful!!!
My neighbors to the northeast, Please watch out for this heat!  My neighbors to the west, Please watch out for the fires! My neighbors to the north above me, Please watch out for the flood waters!
Here is Alabama it is HOT and HUMID!  Take care everyone....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mail Day Monday - Late

Look at what all arrived in my mailbox Monday!!!  I had won the giveaway that Denise at had. It was a 4th of July Giveaway!  I love those Scissors from Dinky Dyes. I want to start the chart One Nation right now!  Can you tell I am excited!  Look at the linen and all the floss!  I think I may can get one of the little designs done before the 4th... lol Thank you so much Denise for having the giveaway!

I also received this chart by Stacy Nash in the mail Monday. I love Stacy Nash. I have been wanting A Haunting We Will Go since last year. I placed an order with 1-2-3 Stitch Friday night about 11:00. I also ordered the new Prairie Schooler Heads Up. They will ship when they receive.  They have some of the fastest service I have ever seen. Like I said, I order before midnight Friday and it was in my mailbox Monday before noon! 

I will leave yall with a sneak peek... Michelle at Raspberry rabbits said I could give peeks!!!  lol This is a new design from her!  I love it!  That little birds is so cute!!  I working on it Michelle.  I am loving every stitch. Embroidery stitching seems to go alot faster than cross stitch. I already have the pattern on the fabric and all I have to do is watch TV.. Oops.. I mean.... stitch a backstitch all on the  I am watching the first season of the show Designing Women. I love those Sugarbaker women, Julia and Susanne!
Well, I am off to watch tv.. oops!   Stitch!!! I have to keep focused..
Till later......

Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Wal-mart Story... Does It Ever End For Me!

I keep telling everyone Wal-Mart doesn't like me!  But, It may be me and not Wal-Mart.....
I was minding my own business. I decided I would swing by the nail polish aisle.  Well, I rounded the corner and there was a Mexican lady with her teenage daughter.  Didn't really look close at them.. I was trying to look at the nail polish, that just so happened to be where they were standing. 
They just kept standing there. I looked around them... Oh, Essie polish.. To expensive for me at 7.98 a bottle... I moved on down the aisle.. All right Sally Hansen... Seems to stay on my nails longer..
While looking at the different colors.. I wanted something Nude.
I happen to glance back over to the mom and teenager.. No, I didn't see what I was seeing!! Yes I Did!!  They were painting their nails with the Essie nail polish.. All ten nails each!  That makes 20 nails!!
I know if they would have looked up, they would have seen me standing there with my mouth wide open!  lol
Then I start thinking... They are using polish on their nails that someone else will come along and buy to use... My mind is blown!  I look down at the Nude Sally in my hands and start to wonder... Has someone used my nail polish?  Where does the Health Department stand on this? .. Can EPA get involved?  
While I was standing there an employee walked by. I left the aisle and stopped her and said that a lady and her daughter are opening the nail polish and painting their nails.  She just laughed and said, " Really!" Hmmm and walked on. 
I thought Oh well.. I did may part of tattling... lol   I walked back to the aisle to get the fullest bottle of Nude Sally. Guess What?
They had moved over to stand in front of the Glitter Polish!  They were putting the glitter polish over the Essie polish on just a couple of nails... I thought I would hang around and see if they bought what they used.. I will just tell you.... NO. They finished and walk away without any nail polish... I thought maybe I should have said something to them.. But They would not have understood me. They were speaking to each other in their language. They did pick the most expensive nail polish and maybe they have Pinterest and they see where you paint with the Essie nail polish and then put glitter on top of several tips... Maybe that is why Wal-mart has raised it prices lately. Thief...
I did put a bag of Cheetos in my cart and the Zoe ( our good eater ) decided she wanted them opened right then... I did let her eat them while I finished shopping. I did pay for what was left at the checkout... That is another thing I have seen at Wal-Mart.. A lady opened donuts and gave to her 4 kids, then she eat 2 standing there and I seen her put the box empty in a waste basket..
Now friends.. I would never do any of this.. Why?  Because I know it is wrong and I would be caught in a second. Wal-Mart hates me.. The lady laughed at me ...
I will close for now.. I am going to paint my nails.. If you hear of any nail fugus out there from used nail polish.. Please let me know. That is why I do not go to nail salons.. To many horror stories... 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Tree Is Decorated

I got my little tree decorated today. It is ready for Flag Day, 4th Of July, and Summer.. I put it on the tv in the sun room. I did some major cleaning and rearranging today in this room. I have my sea shells out and my fish quilt on the futon.  It is all ready for summer. I will be adding more summer stitching to the decorations..
I just have find time to sew them together... I finished the model for Donna at By The Bay Needlearts last night. It is on the way to her..
Hint... It is so cute!  IF you like wildflowers? This one is for you.
I am now working full time on a design for Michelle at The Raspberry Rabbits design.  It is also a cutie!! 
I have seen the new Prairie Schooler Leaflets that are out!! I have my list out and have added these charts... lol  I can't wait. My followers know I love Halloween.. Take a look at these....

 All Hallows Eve

 Heads up

 Knock Knock

Whoos There

I also had to put the Christmas Trees on my list too. I have the other 2 tree patterns from Prairie Schooler.

I love Crossed Eyed Cricket designs. These two have been added to my list too.

That is it for tonight... I am back to stitching... May have some of my stitching to share soon... Till Later....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tap tap tap... Is Anyone There?.....

Sorry I have been away. Been a busy bee working on models I can't show you... I have been stitching.. I promise. 

Hope everyone is having a great kick start to a terrific Summer!  I need to get my tree out and put my Summer Ornaments on it. 

I need to clean and put some sea shells around to decorate for summer.  I need to do a lot of things... lol

I have found some little stitching that needs to be made into pin keeps. Also, my list of to do's keep getting longer...

Oh Well... It will all be there tomorrow..
Tomorrow is another Day... in my best Scarlett O'Hara voice......
Till later.....