Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today I'm sewing Zoe's Auburn outfit together. Games start this weekend! Just like me to wait to the last minute. If I make her this, I have to go out to the Auburn Store and get Joshua an Auburn T-shirt. I don't want him to feel left out. I can't make my almost 6 year old grandson anything.
I have everything where I need it. Drink, check... Cell phone, check...  Fan going, check... Radio on, check.... Now time for some bobbin winding. I like to wind all the threads I will be using. I hate to stop sewing to have to wind a bobbin...
The drilling part of the title was done yesterday. Two hours in the dentist chair. I thought I only had 1 cavity. Nope, not me.. I had one on a wisdom tooth that was way in the back. That wisdom tooth had room and he wants to keep it to hook a parcel to. The other two little ones were on the upper molars on the opposite side. Great right! Both sides numb. Not just numb... I came home to look in the mirror to see if I had lips like Angelina Jolie!  They sure felt fat and puffy. No such look!!  lol
I had to take some Tylenol. That jaw with the wisdom tooth was hurting bad..  I decided to lay down.. Tylenol does that to me. I got to thinking.. Numb face and fat lipped... Is this what it feels like to have plastic surgery on your face?  When they inject that stuff in your lips, does it feel this fat?  No wonder The Housewives of TV speak with their mouths wide open... They may bite and blow a lip!
I feel asleep at that point. I didn't want to waste a good nap on The Housewives... I will try to keep and maintain what the Good Lord gave me.. Thin lips and all.  lol
Till later... back to sewing!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


 I have to laugh at myself sometimes. Today I ran to Hancock Fabrics to pick up 2 packs of threaders for my punch needle. I was also looking for pink flamingo ribbon for Zoe a hair bow. But, that's whole another story. I happen to cruise by the trims and this bright Kelly green pompom fringe jumped out at me. It is greener than this picture. Sort of a 70's Kelly green. I don't know what made me buy it! Maybe, I have been watching to much Dark Shadows with those turquoise colored candles and Kelly green velour drapes! I was even over in the fabrics feeling that velour. Someone help me!!!

They had their Butterick patterns for 1.99. I purchased this cute one. I bought it to use for the top. I have another pattern that I like for the ruffle pants. 

This is the fabric for Zoe's outfit. Pattern print for the top. Poke a dots for the pants with the print as a ruffle. I will put the rick rack on it too. I thought it would be cute for Fall. We're usually still in the 70's around Thanksgiving and Christmas some years. I've got to get to cutting out the patterns and sewing.

 I have this punch needle by Pineberry Lane all ready to go. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I also have the 4 pumpkin one by Pineberry Lane all ready to punch too.

Football season starts soon. I'm an Alabama Fan! My grandbabies live in an Auburn household... Nothing I can do about that!! My dear SIL, that I commented on in an earlier post made this for their door. I have to put a dowel through the top and get ribbons to make a bow and it will be ready for Game Day!
That's it for today.
Have a great afternoon, I will be punching away!
Till Later......

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 Hello everyone! Wow, it has been a busy week! I made the local county newspaper last week. I was contacted about my stitching. Shelba had seen my stitching on Facebook and wanted to know if I would submit some info and picture for her to do a story in the Lifestyle Section. I submitted an email about me and a picture with some of my stitching. Ta da!! Autographs later... lol  Just Kidding!!
I hope that some may see how much cross stitch has evolved. No longer cross stitch of the 80's.....Speaking of cross stitch, Guess who I had lunch with?

 Terri of!! I was nervous as always to meet people. Terri is so friendly and just a sweetie!!! We had lunch at Longhorns. We had a good laugh, because we had lunch and almost stayed for dinner!  lol  We sat talking and before we knew it, 4:00 was upon us!

 Terri has a big heart and if you know stitchers, we are always glad to pass along to our stitching friends, new trims, charts, fabrics, and to make things for each other.
Terri gave me this great Needle Minder! Don't it look like me! Hippie Chick!! I'm using it right now! Love it so much Terri! I had a great time talking and laughing!  Hope to do it again soon!
Up next,  I told y'all I have been busy...
 Notforgotten Farms (Lori) Design. Punch needle box. I have the box painted. I loved this mustard color! I added some brown paint to give it an old look. May add some stain too. Still need to attach punch needle and trim.

I finished a stitched piece by Hinzeit - Shuttle Beware. I had an old shuttle instead of the one called from. I put my piece in it. I'm still tweaking it.
Remember the picture above of my hair. Blonde Gone Bad!!  Brassy orange and white!! lol Well, I'm happy to report, I went darker. It is a 2 step process. I had to cover the brass and now we will work on the still highlighted (lighter shades you see) I need to rest and condition it for a couple more days. Then the final color of my original hair color, WHATEVER that color is... I have no idea!  lol
I guess I could look at my brother's hair and see! Men don't have to go through all this!! I like my hubby's grey, in his hair. 
Take care everyone! Till Later........

Monday, August 12, 2013


I have no idea. I think a fire was lit under me.  I got so much accomplished in stitching. I really think it was the rain. The Weather Channel on the 10th said, in the month of August, Alabama had 10 days of rain. Yep... Every day so far it has rained.
I did get some things finished for show and tell.

 I finished stitching The Primitive Needle - Hornbook Angel. I stitched it with the called for hand dyed threads. I can't remember the name of the linen. It is 40 count.  I'm thinking Days Gone By is the linen name. I may be wrong.

 I had finished stitching this Freebie by La D Da a while back. I just now framed it. I have it hanging in my living room.

 I started and finished punching this cat by Lori of Notforgotten Farms. It did not take me long. Of course, we were watching Dark Shadows and I was punching away... It will go on top of a painted box. I'm working on the box today.

 I pulled out the Auburn Fabric today. I need to get to sewing the dress together for Zoe. Football will be going on before we know it!

 I did a purchase at Hobby Lobby this week. Orange burlap and Navy Blue Chevron. I have them sitting together in the rocker to make..

THIS!  I have to contact Dear SIL for her embroidery skills..  But I have all the supplies. This will not be for me. I'm a die hard Alabama Fan! I hope to have The Pruitt Name and maybe have year of est. I got a dowel, so that they can hang it on the front door. As I said, I have to get with the Best SIL in the world.. Can you tell, I'm buttering her up as I type!  lol
I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments on my BBD Halloween Box! I really enjoyed stitching and putting that one together.
I guess that is what happened to last week. Boy, was I busy.  lol
Till later....

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


 Hello blog readers!  I have finished out the Blackbird Designs, Casting A Spell Halloween Box! 

 I just have some missing thumb from a mishap with a razor knife. It got the best of me.... Don't worry I did not bleed on the stitching.  I had a get time stitching this box. I did use the called for 30 count Confederate Gray by WDW linen. I also used the called for colors of hand dyed floss. You will need 2 skeins of the Espresso Bean and Dark Chocolate by Gentle Arts to stitch these designs.  It was also a quick stitch for me. Now to remember where to put it till Halloween...

If you remember a while back in a post I was looking for metal trivets. I was having a hard time finding one that were iron. I hit a jackpot Sunday. Hubby and I was in another town close to where we live. I saw a sign for an antique store and flea market.  Of course, I yelled, Turn Around!!! After much grumbling from Hubby, we did turn around and walked around looking. I came out with the items above!  I love the trivet tile with the keys around it. I can see a Halloween design covering the tile. My imagination is seeing needle punch on the trivets. I am also seeing maybe, a needle punch chick for the chicken feeder. . The 2 funnels might get some birds to use them as a perch. My little haul was not bad priced. I did pay the most for the chick feeder, it was 5.00. All the other items were within the 1.50 to 2.50 each range. I first picked up an iron trivet from a booth that was marked $12.00. After I found these, I took that little one back to it's booth in a hurry... hahaha
I'm still stitching away on The Santa Village. Not much to show there. I did start another new stitching project. I will show it this week. 
I need to close for now, I need to call a stitching friend to make a date for lunch. She will be passing through my town next week from south Alabama.  I'm so excited!!! 
Till Later.........