Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Pictures of Home !!!!

Some pictures of the Home in process !!!

As you can see in this picture... Still getting stuff out of tubs and have step stools laying around. I have not hung many pictures. The picture in my Dinning Area is my favorite.

I will post more later.... Joshua and Zoe just came over to visit !!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Hacking And It Isn't On A Computer Site !

Well, I am still sick. Been sick for 1 week now. I give up.... I may have to go see the doctor. They did call in prescription on Wed. I have hacked & coughed so much, my neck and shoulders are hurting. I also may need Depends in the future. LOL I thought maybe just a cold... But really ... Coughed for a whole week. Now I have a fever and headache. Hope not the flu... I was around everyone at Thanksgiving. DH is starting to come down with it to.. This is how we had the flu last winter.. Me first, then him.. I have been bidding on baby girl Zoe some Holiday wear on Ebay.. Just won a cute snowman dress. Pink with polka dots with a appliqued snowman on the front. She is growing like a weed. Joshua got him a outside Mickey Mouse Blow up Christmas Thingie.. don't know what it is called... LOL His daddy and him got it all fixed up in the front yard this morning. He was all excited, and telling me, all about it earlier. I have to go over and see it at night. He calls it Blow Up Mickey... LOL I Love me some grand babies!!!
I have not stitched much since I am still moving stuff. Unloaded about the 8th trip in the Tahoe just awhile ago.. I was up all night.. I have my bed... It is just in a different location... LOL Can't sleep... I played solitaire from about 3:00 am to 6:00 on the laptop this morning. Went to sleep at 7:00 ... Woke up at 10:30.. I am tired.
Tomorrow I will be trying to clean out sun porch and get it ready for the Christmas tree. Not any room in the living area.. Mom's house is looking festive when we went by there earlier. She had wreaths on the windows and greens on the banisters, on the front porch and down her steps at the road. No will ever see my place so, I don't decorate outside. I did when Raeanne was little. I just thought.... WOW... I do have a cedar tree about 7 feet tall in the front yard.. I can put lights on it. Joshua would like that.. I will hint to him to ask Poppa about getting him some lights for OUR tree.. That way poppa will have to do the light display and exterior lumination. Sounds like a plan.... That can be our this coming weekend project... Besides all the other stuff not finished around here. LOL Ya'll have a good nite !!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

I am most thankful this year for my mom. My mom has a unbeatable strength. I have watched a Lady, who has never had any surgery, go through having a knot removed from underneath her arm. Then hearing the words cancer.... Sorry I could not be with her when she heard those words. ( Thank you for being with her, Aunt Judy) She has went through months of chemo treatments and then weeks of radiation treatments. The whole year has been one Big Battle for her against this Beast Cancer. Pet scan says she is clean. Thank you God.... This Thanksgiving Day I am able to spend it with MY MOM !!! I have wonderful aunts and family. We will not all be together tomorrow, some family members have other places to go and spend time with other family member. But know,that I am thankful for each one of them. Have a great Thanksgiving!
I Love You MOM !!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have I Moved Or Have I Moved ???

Have I Moved....? I think I have somewhat... That is all I can say. I am not fully moved. My Bed is here. Cable and Internet just finished getting hooked up. I AM TIRED !!! Can you tell by my wondering mind... and Blurred words..... I also have a bad sore throat and bad bad cough. It always happens at Thanksgiving and I have no time to be sick... My clothes are still in closet at Raeanne's house. Guess I need to go get them to be able to go grocery shopping... BYE

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Moving !!!

I am still moving !!! I have not done much. I pack about 2 loads a day in the back of the Tahoe and go across the street. Then, I try to find a place to put it. My once clean home is now full of boxes. I try to unload them as I go, to take back, to the other place to reload... Does that make sense?.... LOL Hopeful this week, we will move the furniture over there.
Have done some stitching at night... There is this 16 year old afghan ... This is a long story... LOL. My mom's best friend wanted me to stitch this afghan for her first grand daughter. She gave it to me before she was to be born. At the time, I worked retail.. Well... It did not get finished before GD was born. I have had it for over 16 years now. I do work on it from time to time. I am almost 2/3's finished. It has became somewhat of a sad question... Mom's BF always comments that: will this thing get finished before it becomes a Family Heirloom? I have said between this move and Christmas I am trying very hard to get it finished. That is all I can say and Do... Please send prayer for me to stitch this thing with lightening fingers. Also... Not to have a nervous breakdown in the process... Oh... We also bought a new front door, that will need to be installed.... I am rambling on....
DH has me going to pick up a TV swivel mount for the flat screen today. I am attending a funeral today too. Chip's ( SIL) grandfather passed away this past Friday. His body is flying in on Delta for funeral today. Please pray for family...
Well, I need to go get ready... Till later... if sane... LOL

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost In New Home !!! YEAH !!!!

We are on the home stretch of the Extreme Mobile Home Makeover !!!! We got nephew Jeremy to finish both rooms of carpet. Love my Nephew !!! He did a great job. Valentin whom works with DH Dewayne, came yesterday and today to help with other jobs. Not to forget My MOM.. LOVE YOU!!! She showed up today after church with rubber gloves, bucket, and graham crackers.... LOL We did eat the crackers.
We scrubbed from front to back. She did our bath and bedroom. She shut the door when she finished those rooms and said " Do not mess it up". We don't even have the furniture moved yet... I will take pictures when I have it staged for picture taking..
While this was going on... DD, Raeanne was in my other kitchen.. Packing me up to move. At least she checked all my spices for expiration dates... LOL I now have about a dozen boxes to move tomorrow. That is just 1/2 of my kitchen stuff.. I think I better go through all those boxes and get rid of some things.. Anyone need any kitchen stuff ? See ya !!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

Today is Friday the 13th.... That doesn't sound good. We have already had bad luck at our house. Zoe's swing has stopped working !!! We are in trouble.... Raeanne is going to try and take it back and exchange it. Here is a picture of baby girl in her swing. She loves to swing !!!

Nothing else going on here.... I will be going over and working on other home later..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sailing Home & Sarah Hartley 1827

I have been stitching the first part of this week. Here is a pic of the work on Sailing Home Birth Sampler.

Sailing Home - Blackbird Designs

I am going to start tomorrow the chart from: Historic Stitches - Sarah Hartley 1827 Sampler. I tea-dyed my own linen. I am going to used called for DMC except for the dark green in border. I changed that one color. Here is my supplies for the start:

Historic Stitches - Sarah Hartley 1827 Sampler

It rained here for 2 days. Joshua and his mom went to Wal-mart. He left wearing his rubber boots. I told him when they get back he can play out in the yard and his feet won't get wet. He liked that idea.

Nothing else going on here in Alabama. I do have some pics of WIPS, Hope I don't bore anyone:

Memorial Sampler - Midsummer Night

Stitching as memorial for my dad whom has passed on.

To0 Much Housework - Lizzie Kate Designs

Saying is: Too Much Housework Will Make You Croak !

Magic Bus - The Sitcherhood Designs.

Almost finished...

Well... That is all for today.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Room With Carpet

We had a great yard sale Friday & Saturday. I think we all are tired. Had a great time with Aunt Judy and mom. I made some money to use on the Makeover Trailer. I have also decided to get my hair cut off short. I will miss the ponytail.... but I am tired of the Ptail also.
DH and I awoke this morning and headed of to the work site.. lol I cleaned some and moved stuff out of the front bedroom. I laid tack strips down and put tile in closet. Then DH came in a helped with putting the padding down and we cut carpet to fit. Oh... I did something stupid. I fell in the vent of the central air. lol. We had the padding down and I knew where the vent was.. I thought... Well... I stepped right into it with my size 8's. Scrapped my leg and put a big bruise on the side of my leg. DH said not to help him anymore. He said, I was making more work for him. LOL He had to go back under the floor and put the duct work back up to the floor. Well at least, we have the carpet in the floor, waiting to be stretched. That is a job for tomorrow.
Cross Stitch news..... I have been working on Joshua's Birth Sampler... He is what? 2 years old. It is the chart from Blackbird Designs, Sailing Home.. Cute and in muted colors of blue, beige, & brown. When I finish it, I will start on Zoe's Sampler. It is also by Blackbird Design, the match to the boy's sampler.
I am dead dog tired. have a great nite.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Carpet !!!

We have carpet... But only in one room. The bedroom. DH and I put tack strips down and the padding on Sunday. Went back in one Monday night and laid the carpet. Now the problem... I Can't Move !!! help.... Shoulders, neck and back, they hurt so bad. Plus, I am not feeling good, sinus problems. So all yesterday I laid in the bed. I know, I Know. You are to move around to get the soreness out.. Can't Move.... Too tired and I also had an anxiety attack... I am feeling better today. Have to go to the big city of Columbiana and pay our property tax... Now that is a bummer.
I am getting yard sale stuff ready for on big sale this weekend. Mom, Aunt Judy, Raeanne and I are getting rid of stuff. We are having it at Raeanne's house. I should be putting it in my car now, But I am on here. Guess I better go for now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

NEW Cross Stitch !!!!

I have received new stitching to stitch !!! whooo whoooo !!! Now where do I begin.... I guess with this chart and floss for Shakespeare's Peddler.

Chart is Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler. Designer Teresa, had the bag of Gentle Art Thread to go with it. Colors have great names like : Zombie Flesh, Dried Blood,Parched Bones, Coffin Lid, and others. She also has a Pin Tuffet chart to go with this design. I got it also. I am going to stitch this on Champagne Cocktail 40 count by Enchanted Fabrics.

This chart is from The Primitive Needle. Called Tombstone Spots. I have some of the sampler threads and some are on their way to me. This chart called for 40 Count Heritage from PIP. I chose 36 Count Legacy. Like how the linen has a blend of Gray & Greenish color in it. I love old tombstones. I may do all these I purchased and put in the bedroom.

Sorry picture is blurry. Another Primitive Needle Design. Crescent Angel. It also called for Heritage Linen for PIP. I chose 40 count Earthen from PIP. I am waiting on the Color Mountain Mist to arrive to start stitching.

This chart is from Carriage House Samplings. Called The Curse Of The Raven. I have order all threads and cannot find the 40 Count Camofudge linen anywhere... If anyone can help me locate? I tried my On-line shop and she said , can order ( from Austr.) but does not know how long it will take to get to her. Please let me know if you have a America source. Thanks.

This chart is from The Goode Huswife. Called Raven's Roost. See what I mean about all these tombstone charts. I will have to stitch them all.

There is not that much Christmas Charts out there. I did order 2 older ones.

Only 2 Christmas Charts. I had been looking for the M Design - Christmas Catastrophe for a while now. I also am looking the the Halloween one too. I will make pillows out of this one. The other chart is a Carriage House Samplings - 1999 Christmas Sampler.

I also purchased the Book ( pages with punched holes for you to put in a notebook) The Flat-Fold and Friends Pages. Gives directions for : Stand-ups, Boxes, Heavy Weights, Ornaments, and flat-folds. I already have it in a Binder. Maybe I can find time to finish all these projects.

Have a great November 1st!!!