Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Room With Carpet

We had a great yard sale Friday & Saturday. I think we all are tired. Had a great time with Aunt Judy and mom. I made some money to use on the Makeover Trailer. I have also decided to get my hair cut off short. I will miss the ponytail.... but I am tired of the Ptail also.
DH and I awoke this morning and headed of to the work site.. lol I cleaned some and moved stuff out of the front bedroom. I laid tack strips down and put tile in closet. Then DH came in a helped with putting the padding down and we cut carpet to fit. Oh... I did something stupid. I fell in the vent of the central air. lol. We had the padding down and I knew where the vent was.. I thought... Well... I stepped right into it with my size 8's. Scrapped my leg and put a big bruise on the side of my leg. DH said not to help him anymore. He said, I was making more work for him. LOL He had to go back under the floor and put the duct work back up to the floor. Well at least, we have the carpet in the floor, waiting to be stretched. That is a job for tomorrow.
Cross Stitch news..... I have been working on Joshua's Birth Sampler... He is what? 2 years old. It is the chart from Blackbird Designs, Sailing Home.. Cute and in muted colors of blue, beige, & brown. When I finish it, I will start on Zoe's Sampler. It is also by Blackbird Design, the match to the boy's sampler.
I am dead dog tired. have a great nite.

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