Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost In New Home !!! YEAH !!!!

We are on the home stretch of the Extreme Mobile Home Makeover !!!! We got nephew Jeremy to finish both rooms of carpet. Love my Nephew !!! He did a great job. Valentin whom works with DH Dewayne, came yesterday and today to help with other jobs. Not to forget My MOM.. LOVE YOU!!! She showed up today after church with rubber gloves, bucket, and graham crackers.... LOL We did eat the crackers.
We scrubbed from front to back. She did our bath and bedroom. She shut the door when she finished those rooms and said " Do not mess it up". We don't even have the furniture moved yet... I will take pictures when I have it staged for picture taking..
While this was going on... DD, Raeanne was in my other kitchen.. Packing me up to move. At least she checked all my spices for expiration dates... LOL I now have about a dozen boxes to move tomorrow. That is just 1/2 of my kitchen stuff.. I think I better go through all those boxes and get rid of some things.. Anyone need any kitchen stuff ? See ya !!!

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