Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Moving !!!

I am still moving !!! I have not done much. I pack about 2 loads a day in the back of the Tahoe and go across the street. Then, I try to find a place to put it. My once clean home is now full of boxes. I try to unload them as I go, to take back, to the other place to reload... Does that make sense?.... LOL Hopeful this week, we will move the furniture over there.
Have done some stitching at night... There is this 16 year old afghan ... This is a long story... LOL. My mom's best friend wanted me to stitch this afghan for her first grand daughter. She gave it to me before she was to be born. At the time, I worked retail.. Well... It did not get finished before GD was born. I have had it for over 16 years now. I do work on it from time to time. I am almost 2/3's finished. It has became somewhat of a sad question... Mom's BF always comments that: will this thing get finished before it becomes a Family Heirloom? I have said between this move and Christmas I am trying very hard to get it finished. That is all I can say and Do... Please send prayer for me to stitch this thing with lightening fingers. Also... Not to have a nervous breakdown in the process... Oh... We also bought a new front door, that will need to be installed.... I am rambling on....
DH has me going to pick up a TV swivel mount for the flat screen today. I am attending a funeral today too. Chip's ( SIL) grandfather passed away this past Friday. His body is flying in on Delta for funeral today. Please pray for family...
Well, I need to go get ready... Till later... if sane... LOL

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