Friday, March 18, 2016

Waving from Alabama!

Hello.... Hello... Is anybody still here?  If there is, I want to say I'm so sorry for being away so long.  I decided I need to take some time away from Facebook. I seem to get caught up in all the action over there. I used to love reading blogs and writing on mine.

I started back reading blogs tonight. Trying to catch up on what everyone is working on and being all creative. I have been a little creative too.  I have been designing a little needle punch designs.
 Donkey Parade
USA Moby
I also have some seasonal scissor trays I'm designing. I have lots of designs in my head. I have been drawing them out on paper. Now to make them come out like I see them.  lol  I have been doing some wool applique too. I have been doing some painting too. See I have been busy... Made some crosses.
 Made this cute mouse pin cushion from a pattern by Hudson's Holidays.  Turned out super cute.
We went to the Smoky Mountains back in September. I went to Dixie Darlin's Shop, The Pattern Hutch, and a great shop called The Smoky Mountain Spinnery.  I fell in love with hooked rugs. I asked about hooking and the next thing I knew... I met Rhonda Thistlethwaite and she showed me how to hook. Now I'm in love with Hooking!  She is a great teacher. I came out of the shop with this sunflower kit with all the wool to finish, a hooker's hook, a frame and frame cover!  I'm on a roll now!!  lol

I'm a Hooker!

I'm going to close for now.. I will be back. I have lots to tell about the Primitive Stitcher's Retreat near Atlanta coming up in 13 days!  I'm going!
I have one last picture to show!  My Grandbabies are not babies anymore. Josh is now 8 and Zoe is 6. They are growing up so fast. Zoe is wearing glasses for a little while for a lazy eye, she calls it a crazy eye.  lol  They make my life so much fun!

Christmas at my mom's (their Mimi)
I hope I still have some followers left.. I will be posting again this week.. I have much to show and tell. Till Later.......



Linda said...

Hi April. I'm glad your back and everything is okay. Your projects look great and I love the little mouse. Looking forward to seeing more crafty things.


Glenna said...

Cute designs! Saw Moby on facebook and really love him--also the donkey. I've always wanted to hook too--but I'm glad there's noplace nearby to tempt....

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Welcome back, April! You have been very busy and super productive! I love your punch needle ideas, your cross is beautiful and I'm jealous about your hooking! I'm ready to try a new craft snd I think that's it! The problem is, there are not any retailers or teachers nearby. Your grandkids are darling! So glad your back!

Robin in Virginia said...

Nice catch up post, April! I'm still here. Your grandkids are adorable. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Catherine said...

Good to see you! I'm trying to stay caught up with reading, sometimes commenting, even though I haven't posted in a looonnnngggg time.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I'll be anxious to hear about your PSS retreat :)
I adore your punch needle and your grand-babies!

TinaTx said...

Nice to see you again! Love all your projects. I've resisted rug hooking - looks like so much fun but I just don't have the funds to pick up another hobby, especially with all the unstitched projects I have waiting (along with fabric for more than a few quilts) I can see hooking being an expensive hobby!