Thursday, October 29, 2009

Extreme Mobile Home Makeover Progress

Here are some new pictures of work in progress on new home...

Closet in master bedroom.

Where I am standing is more racks. Does a L shape. I have already put 4 big boxes in there. Dewayne has about 30 jackets and coats... Go figure, in HOT Bama, why he needs that many jackets... Not to mention the 15 pairs of boots... lol It is not like the man hunts anymore..

Bath Vanity

More of Bath

Master Bedroom.

I tried to get a picture of the fake fireplace. Jerry made that. He was so talented. I think I will put a small tray or sugar mold with candles in the inside. Don't laugh at the pinkish-purple shelf.. It does hold all our caulk,light bulbs,hammers,nail guns, and electrical & plumbing supplies. The thingie.. ? the bucket is sitting on was my birthday present 2 years ago. I finally got to use it !!!

Dinning Area

I don't call it a dinning Room. No enough room.. lol I am standing out through door in glassed room. Hard to get any clear pic of this room. to small. Behind those white doors will be the washer & dryer. OH Great!!! We can get out unmentionables right off of the eating table... Everyone knows I hate to do laundry. We dig out of the dryer and baskets as it is now.. lol

This is the kitchen, still a work in progress. New blacksplash, new stovetop, new countertops, NO New Dishwasher... urghhh. or Refrig .. urghh

I will use what I have. Money has ran out. Good thing we had purchased carpet and outside siding. I have a sprayer on the sink !!! Oh Goodie !!! Never had one.

Just 3 rooms left.......... Come on.................

This is the Livingroom. If your can't tell that it is.. I wonder why??? Let see.. 1 door, I have no idea where it goes. we have to many door for the door You know how it is when you have parts left over after putting something together??? That is this project. Rolls of carpet and pads to put it all down with.... Lets see... Stained boards that I need to cut and install around the window. I don't need DT for that.. Can handle it myself. I am a pro at window trim... Let's see which angle do I need to cut that end 45 or 90??? lol

I call this MY Bath... This is the one I am sure to be banished to... Dewayne has already took over the closet. I get this..... I feel like AL Bundy on Married with Children !!! lol I did paint it a William Baby Blue color. Tub is not Yellow... Picture is crappy... It is a dark taupe.. Color of the sink counter.

MY Computer & Craft Room !!! TA DA. I know it is a mess. I'm sure it will be this way when it is finished. That stuff is all MY TOOLS... Dewayne keeps going in here and getting my stuff. I even have a carpenter's belt I wear. I always wanting to wear daddy's, I have it. But He was a size 30 waist... and daughter here... it will not fit... urhhh. So DT bought me a new one of my very own.. It does come in handy. Where is my hammer??? OH, it is here hanging in the hoop on the side of my belt... Yeah!!! Lesson 101 in carpenter belts. You still caught yourself looking around for your tools. That great mirror, I am going to redo to go in MY Bath. maybe run some stain over it's whitewash. Well I need to get back to stitching .

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dixiesamplar said...

Wow, you guys have made alot of progress. It looks great, and I bet you can't wait to get in there!