Monday, April 26, 2010

Work, Storms, Race & Hurt Shoulder

Sorry I have been not been blogging... I have been working. That is a good thing. Boy, did we have a weekend !! After a week of working all week and working Friday afternoon on the deck, it started to rain.... Rained Saturday all day. Then, It started storming about 6:00 pm. They postponed the Saturday race at Talladega. I love to watch race fans on TV. They were standing out in a flooded field Saturday , 3 good ol boys with drinks in hand and orange life jackets on them, saying they were going to ride this storm out !! woooo... Only in America !!! Bless their hearts... lol I hope they did, ride it out !!! This was me today at work !!

I will be at home for a couple of days. DH has worked me to hard on this sun room and deck. I have messed up my shoulder. It is bad when I don't know if it was the nailing or the screwing of boards that did it. Don't worry Doc gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers. I have only taken 1/2 of tablet of muscle relaxer. I didn't want to be sitting around looking cross eyed and drooling... lol

I will try to get a good picture of deck .. Till tomorrow.. I typed all this with my left hand !!! If any mistakes blame the left hand. Right arm has no feeling in it.. lol

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