Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Head.... For Real !!!

Well, I woke up this morning with the whole left side around my ear swollen. Scared me. DH took me to the Emergency Care. I have had several bouts with Staph in the past. Had open wounds inside my nose. ENT Dr. scared me, saying infection could go to me brain. Took about 6 months of treatment with high doses of antibiotics. That was 2 years ago. Then I had another bout in March, had sores all around chin and jaw line. Took about 2 months of Antibiotics to help this. Well... Dr said I have Staph in soft tissue around ear on side of my head.. OH Great !!! I am also a diabetic... They gave me a Steroid Shot and Antibiotic Shot. Since me home with 3 prescriptions. Flonase, Creme to put inside of my nose.. ( forgot Name) and antibiotic pills to take.

I went home and got in the bed. Woke up an hour later, my shirt was soaking wet, I had a bad feeling from chest up. Trying to catch my breath. DH took me to our fire station. Then said heart fine , had a fever.. Said possible reaction to meds. I went back to Dr from this morning. They said was possible allergic reaction to steroid shot. I have had this shot before, with other treatments. They hooked me up to an IV and I was in their office for about 3 hours. They were great, calmed me down a lot. I always go into a panic attack. I thought that might have been what happened. But Dr. said NO. Reaction to meds. Anyway I am back home. One needle hole, one IV hole and about 10 diabetic meter picks in the ends of my finger. Doesn't matter... I am glad to be alive. Very scary ordeal.. I 've never been that close to blacking out, I was praying in my head all the way to the fire station. I could hardly talk. Shaking bad too. Had the shakes for about 1 hour. Well enough about my day... I am trying to sleep but I think meds have made me not sleepy. Good Nite April Mechelle

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