Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally.... Pictures of Trailer

I finally took pics of the work in progress. I will start with closet. Then master bath, master bedroom, kitchen, livingroom, #2 bath ( used to be blood red (dark) and last my craft & computer room ( aka Front little bedroom) See we are downsizing !!! LOL

This is one corner of the closet, where the brown paneling is.. There was only studs. There were 3 more walls with only studs. Here is another angle.

These walls will be painted. I have a big 3 piece wooden built in shelf unit that is white. It will go on the longest wall. Put my purses, shoes and sweaters on.
This is the master bath. The cabinet on the left will be between the 2 sinks. of course new tub kit, and the toilet will be to the right, in that little cove beside the shower We have put down new tile flooring. Paint is Behr brand. Old timey green color. Can't remember real name.
These are pics of master bedroom. Our friend whom owned this home was very artistic. He did the faux fireplace on the wall in first picture. I am going to leave this and put a row of candles inside in the black space. This other pic is of the wall where the bed will go and 2 night stands. DH built me the bed and 2 nightstands over 14 years ago. It matches the mirror that was built by our friend ( previous owner). He died about 3 years ago of a heart attack. His children all live in Louisiana and did not want the land. We purchased as a foreclosure from bank. On to the next room....

Dinning room on the left, I am standing out on glassed-in porch. I am going to replace stained glass light. Friend made it. I will keep, but not use. Behind folding doors is a room for washer & dryer. Picture on right shows wall of dinning room and some of the kitchen. Green counter tops and green range hood is going... LOL. Kitchen is a semi-circle. I like it. But we going to have to customize the counter top ourself.

This is the kitchen area. The beaded board wall on the left is the bar. See all my paint cans... The back splash will be the silver look-like ceiling tiles. My kitchen is done in that, at my now house.

Color on walls in dinning room, kitchen, and living room is called. Melted Butter, No carpet yet in any rooms. Big board on facing wall is bar top. I am going to stain. I love all the knots in the wood. I love nature woodsy stuff. I don't know how a leather sofa & 2 leather recliners are going to fit in this space....Maybe I will just keep those 2 small metal chairs. NOT>>>>

Now, on to the most changed room. 2nd Bath... This room was a dark dark Terra Cotta red. Looked like a bad crime scene. All it needed was crime tape... Even the door was painted red ! I bought paint that is called Sweet Baby Boy. The wall is textured and has a stucco type finish. I like that. This was the worst room, other than Kitchen.

This is my room. Color is Behr - Timeless taupe. My sewing table with machine can go in front of windows. Desk with computer side wall. My closet doors are in the living room. Wood panel doors. I am going to insert with a panel that I will wallpaper. That is all for now. When it is all finished and we are moved in (hopefully within the next 5 weeks). I will post new finished pictures. SEE YA'LL April

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