Tuesday, May 23, 2017


  Today I have been in my studio cleaning and organizing all this stuff.  I put away BBD - Anniversaries Of The Heart today. I have a model to stitch.  It went back in the Project Roll from Faye at Carolina Stitcher. Seen it at last year's market for the Primitive Stitchers Society in Atlanta. I missed out on buying one, so I put an order in.  Faye zipped it out and mailed it right to me!  I love it!

 I also had some great mail this past week:

 La-D-Da - For My Friend Kit

 BBD - Stars & Stripes and Maggie Bonanomi - Grand Old Flag
I have been looking for these for a long time!

 Victorian Motto Sampler - Dyed Trims

Lori's Autumn At Notforgotten Farm Book
I love it!

  I have also been going by some thrift stores in my area. I always come home with items that I can see myself revamping and adding to it to make great one of a kind things.  I have to cut down on this, why?  Because I have a Jelly Cabinet full of these items!

 See I told you!   lol  There is no organization to that cabinet!  I have so much to do out here in this studio!  That cigar box on top shelf is for storage. It has garage things from my Grandfather's garage in it.  I will keep anything.... Plus I keep adding to the collection!  Here is more:

 Various things to put needlework in or make something to go on top... Never ends.  lol

 Picture frames. Who can pass up .99 cent picture frames? Not me apparently!

 Two frames that match. I liked the border.. Hmmm  and you are asking if I have a problem?
I see a punch needle design on the round thing.  The whale tail board is what I have been working on. I cut out some of these to sale on my Etsy. Have I listed them as of yet? No... I hope to do that tomorrow.

I designed a punch needle Whale Scissor Tray last summer. I have to get the pattern printed out and also figure out how to sale by PDF on my Etsy shop.  That will be tomorrow too.  lol  I will also offer the pattern and the tray combo.  Well.... I need to get back to cleaning and collecting, maybe not as much collecting...  lol
Until Later.....


Robin in Virginia said...

I really like your project roll by Faye. What a super variety of stash you have gotten especially the trims from Nancy!

Marilyn said...

Love your treasures!

cucki said...

I love everything about your post so much ..
Sweet stitching
Lovely stitchy stuff
Big hugs x