Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I'm still here in Alabama!  Got to love the south where the temp is 87 degrees and humid at the end of October. I have all my Fall decorations out. But I'm just not feeling Autumn.... This is what I feel like:

.Last year Christmastime shopping was done in shorts!  lol

DT (hubby) is off on vacation this week, We should have been on the rode doing some sight-seeing but no, I had to go see the doctor yesterday. Bad sinus infection. Plus the meds have me whipped.

I'm stitching on The Primitive Needle A & E.  This is a picture before I started. PTP Mello Linen and the Silk threads. This was a WIP that I pulled back out. I hope to finish it this week. I will post my progress picture tomorrow.

I was stitching while watching The Walking Dead. I got to looking at Adam & Eve that I was stitching... hmmmm They look like Zombies!  Yikes!  Look how white their faces are..

They faces are white and their bodies are gray color.. I may have to change that to liven them up some.. change to pinkish flesh floss.

I need to finish off some stitching. I have piled it all on a table. Some are drums, some are pillows and about two need to be framed. I also have a couple that I don't know what to do what them.  I will post pictures tomorrow. Maybe y'all can come up with some ideas for me..

Until Later.....


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