Friday, October 17, 2014


Hello Blog Friends.        The new blog I have been talking about opened today. It will features things that I stitch and make with my hands. I also incorporate old found objects into the finishes.
The name is Homestead Needleworkes.

If you would love to see, what I have been stitching and working on, it can be found here, Just click this link below:

I have listed a 3 items for sale. A Pillow, Pinkeep, Scissor Keeper, and Stick Pin Set, along with a Longaberger Needle Punched Paddle.

Thank you for being by my side as a launch this new blog.  If you have an suggestions, I would love to hear from any of my blog friends. Thank you, April


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Sweet Sue said...

Best wishes April, wishing you much fun and success! Will be following your new blog:)