Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What A Mess !!!

12 More Days To Halloween

What a mess I have going on today. I have decided to clean that craft room out big time! I took everything out of the room except... Sewing machine cabinet, work table and computer desk. I have been going through everything. I took the shelves down out of the closet and put a big free standing shelf in there. I am putting my craft books, baskets, & hat boxes on the shelves. Getting rid of all those tubs !!! yeah !!! I have found a bunch of stuff I had lost... I guess it was not lost.. I just didn't know where I had put those things. LOL Now I have empty tubs all over my living room. urghhh Not finished yet... Maybe I will be finished tomorrow..

Forgot to tell ya'll... Hubby walks in from work, he asks, Is that show Hoarders coming tonight? LOL Yes, It is that bad.. I have yard sale stuff stacked along with stuff on the sofa to go through and weed out. I didn't know I had this much.. I am getting rid of it!!! A lot is just Junk.. I have kept for no reason... Till Later... Happy stitching!


dixiesamplardesigns said...

I hear you, April...I spent the weekend de-cluttering my craft room, and then it spread to the rest of the house! LOL! How DO we accumulate so much stuff??!!


Melissa said...

The Autumn cleaning bug must be going around.

A friend of mine spent yesterday cleaning out her craft room, I spent the other day digging through bins of long forgotten charts I scored in sale bins for like 25cents. I had so many "OMG what was I thinking" moments.