Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello my friends!!! I don't know how many times I can mention I'm sick... Sick again, that's me. This time Upper Respiratory Infection. I have never been this sick right before Christmas.. But I'm marching on...
I have been working on some gifts to send out. I hope they will arrive to the special people before Christmas. I will be mailing tomorrow. Trying to send priority mail. I have decided that I want to do so RAKs this 2014 year for my blog readers. I appreciate all my readers. If you would like to receive a little stitched something something from me this coming year. Please email me (under the About Me contact) with your snail mail address. I will try every month to fix a little something up and send out. I will post a picture and say it is own it's way to a new home... I wanted to do something fun and to show my appreciation for my blog readers.
Now for the pictures of what I have been doing while coughing and snorting.....

This is a necklace I stitched from a kit that Pam gave me one Christmas. I'm just now stitching it up to wear.. I love it Pam!! She went to Shepherd's Bush and gifted me with this kit! 

 Peace On Earth !  So cute!  It came with a ribbon. I may run the ribbon through the necklace and then add 2 little crystal beads to it.. It was a fast easy stitch that turned out wonderful! Pam's blog is Thank you Pam! I will enjoy for a lot of Christmas times.
 Next up is one I did for Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits. It is on it's way to you Shell. Just a little preview. Harrington and Hannah The Buns! I even stitched Harrington with his wonky ear.  lol I love stitching the little over one and putting in the jewelry Things.. (can't remember what they are called) I designed that pattern.. I couldn't find any bunnies with a wonky ear...

 Next up... I joined The Sampler World's Snooty Parrots SAL on Facebook!  We are stitching Barbara Ana's Snooty Parrots Sampler all together through the year of 1014. Barbara (designer) has joined in on the fun! We have 2 extra charts we can stitch to go with The Snooty Parrots.  We call ourselves the Snooty Stitchers Society.. lol After the sampler only.... Everyone is making parrot scissor fobs. You know me .. I'm a follower.  Here is a picture of mine.  We start our sampler stitching on January 1st 2014. I have my linen and threads ready to go..

 This stocking I love!!! Bonnie (no blog) and I talk by email about everyday or every other day. We love the some designs! I had been out of town all weekend and she sent me an email Tuesday and asked if I got my package?  All Right!!! I ran to the mailbox and throw open the door and there sat a packet from Bonnie!!! Of course, I opened it right then and there... (still a kid at heart)  I love it Bonnie!  We both love to needle punch! She did this for me! I love it! It has top place on my stitching tree. She said the curly toe gave her some hard times trying to put the back on.  I bet it did.. lol  But I so Love it!!! She also sent me some of her stitching magnets! My frig has all the ones she has ever sent me on it... lol. She belongs to The Samplermakers Group by Lori of Notforgotten Farms. Bonnie always post her finishes on that site if you are a member. Beautiful stitching and finishes always from Bonnie.
This is my little stitching tree this year.. I may have to get a bigger tree at the end of this Christmas for next year. I'm wanting a twig tree. I hope I can find on after Christmas.
I have been decorating still. I say every year I will decorate and finish shopping way before Christmas. I want to just enjoy the tree and the holiday. Well... Finished decorating this past weekend. Here are some picture, Sorry for the blurred ones... I told y'all there were a lot of pictures...

 Craft room / Sunroom Tree. All Hallmark ornaments with a couple of like ornaments. See the crafts on the table.. Working on Josh and Zoe some ornaments.

 Living room Tree with 1965 Elf from my first Christmas. Also my stitched Scrooge stand up from Just Nan pattern. Tree is decorated with ornament through the years and vacations.. I got the idea for the wash tub from a facebook group called Primitive Christmas.

 This is a card my hubby brought in to me from work. Their warehouse is an old pharmacy building. he found this card in an old desk drawer with a postcard from 1967. He told me Merry Christmas when he gave it to me!  I love anything old! I bought a mat and painted the wooden frame green.  I think Santa looks great on this card!! 

 Decorations on the bar. I love my forest trees and my reindeer!  I love Hersey kisses too!  lol Can you tell? That jar was filled to the top!

 This bowl was full too!  lol  This year's Santa picture with The Grands!! 

 Frosty makes another appearance this year too!  lol I love this set. Michelle of Raspberry Rabbits sent this set to me one year!!  I put him in the kids bathroom. Oh No... Looks like his Scarf is caught under the lid!!!  lol But, he is still smiling!!!

I will leave you with the picture of the cake I made two days ago. I must be sick!  I have only ate 2 slices!!  lol  I will try and post again before Christmas.. I have more to show!!! 
Till Later.....

Friday, December 6, 2013


Sorry that I'm posting the winner so late... I have been under the weather again today plus I had The Grands this afternoon. Without delay.. The Winner Is :

#5 comment Laurie at Blog - West Texas Threads! I have sent out an email to you Laurie. Congrats to you!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I so enjoyed adding things to the Giveaway. I like seeing new comments and if you have a blog I love reading and meeting new bloggers.

It has been a slow go on Christmas decorating in my home. I got a new tree yesterday. It is just the right size for the living room.
I have the tree I used last year put up in the craft room. I put all my Hallmark Ornaments on it. Still have a lot to get unpacked and put out. I still have my stitching ornaments to put on their tree. I have Grandma's Ceramic Christmas Tree to put out. I'm thinking I have to many trees!  lol
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
Till later.....


Monday, December 2, 2013


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will mention Pneumonia cleared up real well. But......This past weekend I had a stomach virus or food poisoning. Jury is still out on that ruling! and the worst of the weekend, Alabama's lost to Auburn...Oh Well.
On to better things!!  Christmas Giveaway Part #2
I have thrown some more things into the pile for the giveaway. I'm trying to fill a Flat Rate Box.. You know, what will fill the box for one price shipping! The More The Merrier!! So far, I have stitched and put this beauty together.
 This cutie is adapted from Brenda/With Thy Needle & Thread Stocking chart. I added the paper from an antique hymn book. I attached a velour ribbon so that the winner can use it as an ornament. Next up - Goodies...

 Some Swiss Miss Caramel Cream Hot Chocolate and a box of Snow Drops. If you have ever traveled in the south, and love to eat, then you have heard of Cracker Barrel. They are only located every 10 exits, off our wonderful interstates. I don't know if they are every 10 exits.. But it seems like it.  lol  I'm enclosing a genuine Cracker Barrel Tree Ornament from the Cracker Barrel at Exit 19 off I-459 in Alabama.. (closest one to my home). Just a little something SOUTHERN for the winner. lol

So far, this picture shows all that is included. I may get to add a few more things in by December 5th. That is the cut off date.
I will draw a name December 6th.
Just remember to make sure you have left a comment on the November 22nd post ONLY.
One comment to be entered is all you need. Anyone can enter. If you don't have a blog, that is fine.. Just make sure I have an email address, to contact if you win. GOOD LUCK!!
Till later...