Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Have A New Battery !!! YEA !

6 Days Till Halloween
I finally remembered to buy the new battery. I had it in my purse for over a week. I will take a bunch of pictures for ya'll tomorrow! Just wait and see! I have 2 ornaments for The Breast Cancer Auction, a pillow finish, and some Halloween stuff.

Has been a busy weekend. Not much stitching.... Grands were here all weekend! We had a great time playing outside. Beautiful Weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is so hot in Alabama right now. 9:20 pm and nearly 80 degrees and thunderstorms...

Till Tomorrow......and pictures.

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re'New said...

Isn't it the pits to forget to do something??? I am always forgetting to do some of those little type things that are irritating when I forget... Thanks for the pep talk about the job! I've managed to figure out the system (i think!) and things are going ok. Still looking for a different job. I'm all about DOING something - I'm visual and tactile based. This sitting and talking to the computer is very draining for me! Looking forward to pics of your latest projects!~