Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Sorry I have not been blogging since October. I have been under the weather with stomach issues. Had a lot of test ran on me. But, I did receive good news yesterday. I seem to have a Spastic Colon or IBS. I also have to change what I'm eating... Which is not hard, because if I eat something that doesn't agree with me, I know it by being sick at my stomach or living in the bathroom.. Yuck, I know... To much info! 
Anyway, I am glad to be back!  I have stitched a new model for Brenda Gervais. It should be out soon. I'm working on 2 models for Michelle May - Raspberry Rabbits.
I have stitch a lot of designs since October. I have punched some too! I will be in my studio finishing this afternoon. I should have some pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned, if you are still reading my blog. lol
I hope my friends and readers in the blizzard areas are all staying warm and safe!
The above picture was taken in my area last year during our short lived blizzard on this date in 2013. Yes... motorist just left they cars in the middle of the road!  Got to love living in the south!  lol
Till tomorrow!

Friday, October 17, 2014


Hello Blog Friends.        The new blog I have been talking about opened today. It will features things that I stitch and make with my hands. I also incorporate old found objects into the finishes.
The name is Homestead Needleworkes.

If you would love to see, what I have been stitching and working on, it can be found here, Just click this link below:

I have listed a 3 items for sale. A Pillow, Pinkeep, Scissor Keeper, and Stick Pin Set, along with a Longaberger Needle Punched Paddle.

Thank you for being by my side as a launch this new blog.  If you have an suggestions, I would love to hear from any of my blog friends. Thank you, April


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hello my blogging friends!  It is Fall!!!  Can you believe it? Before you know, it will be Christmas... I will not get ahead of myself. A quick update on my aunt. She is in a rehab facility. She will be there for about 21 days.  She made good friends with Willie Loomis while she was staying with us. Thank you for all the well wishes while I was caring for her. I appreciate them so much... She seemed to be in a good mood when I visited with her yesterday.

As you can see, I have done some Fall decorating on the front porch. I have yet to get my Halloween decorations out. 
I have been doing some creating of Fall things. I seen these pretty yarns at Joann's Store and a light bulb went off, over my head! I can use them to crouch around my pinkeeps. 

 Threadwork Primitives by Nan freebie. I used the gray yarn to trim the pin keeps.
 This cute square pinkeep is from a book by Needle' Love Designs. I used some more yarn to finish the trim.

This is a design from Michelle - Raspberry Rabbit Designs. Michelle designed it to make Halloween postcards. I used the pattern to make a pinkeep. I used eyelash yard for the trim. 
So see I have been busy....
I had joined in on the fun in Dixie Samplers/ Terri's blog for the annual Harvest Exchange. Debra Cade sent me a box full of goodies!

 This is how it all come by the postman!!  I was so excited!

I spread it all out on my table!  The Raven is so prim and cute! I love it Debra!!!  I have named him Edgar Nevermore!  Debra made this beautiful quilt! Everything in the picture is handmade. Click on picture and take a closer look, at all the beautiful things! Debra put a little extra in everything in the package. The note told me about herself and how she also loves prim.

Those spools are so cute!  That quilt table topper is so pretty! I just love Halloween and Fall!  Thank you so make Debra and thank you Terri for having the exchange every year. 
I met up with Terri and Joyce this past weekend for a Stitching Weekend. First time to meet Joyce!  Enjoyed meeting you so much and stitching with you, Joyce! I didn't get to met them and go north to the cross stitch shops... But I made sure to make it, to sit, stitch and talk till late into the night!  I had a great time at Terri's! More talking than stitching on my part!  lol
I have been buying some stash too...

 This was my order for Deb at Stitches N Things Shop!  I need to get to stitching on these great charts and kits!!!
I found a great Etsy shop called Prim Folk Art Shop. Valerie has great things on her site. Here is a link if you like wool, and patterns.
 I ordered these great Buttermilk Basin cards and these wool packs. I was Valerie's 10,000 sale and she was so generous and sent these Valdani Threads and pattern cards as a gift!  If you get a chance check out her Etsy Shop.

I will be blogging in 2 different post I have so much to show and tell!  lol  So stay tuned for Part 2 this week. Thank you for hanging in here with me!  I still want to start the Sale Blog. I have some things to list this week too. Till Later....

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Just a short note to let everyone know that I have taken a short break from blogging. My aunt has came to stay with me for a little while. At this time I don't know for how long. That is why I have not been blogging. I will be posting this week later on. I have a lot of stitching to show.  So please bare with me during this time. I love hearing from my blog friends and I hope you will continue to follow me.
Till later this week....

Friday, August 22, 2014


Sorry, I've been away so long, I've been busy as a bee. I can't show many pictures now, but my table is loaded with things that need finished.  Just a start, I have purchased more fabric...
 I got these at Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. This next picture is what I have on my table to be assembled:

This is a pattern from Hudson's Holiday Designs. It's a Springtime pattern, but I'm making it a Halloween mouse on a pin cushion. It mounts on a wooden candlestick. I still have the mouse to cut out.

These came in the mail this week. I love Brenda's patterns. These have 3 designs each. I do have one completed cross stitch finish:

Prairie Schooler - Witches, Bats and Cats. It is just a little ornament. I added some Vintage looking Halloween trim around it.
Next is a little bat I designed.

 It is only 1 inch. I wanted it to fit in this little square.  I have it hanging on my Lanyard that I use to put my clothes pins on to needle punch. That way they spin around and never the thread doesn't tangle. I got the idea from a fellow puncher. Thank you Ronda!  I also designed a cat and a witch's hat. The cat took me a while to get his head just right and for it to fit in a 1 inch square. The Bat metal pendant is a little smaller that an inch, that is why it's a close call with his wings..
I have been thinking for a while of starting another blog. I'm wanting to make different things and maybe try to sell them.  I love the primitive designs. I didn't want to do this on Ebay or Etsy.  Just wanted a blog to list a few things every once in a while.
If you would like to follow the new blog, please come by and check out what I'm making in the Old Homestead Needleworkes Shop.
It will be a blog of selling item. I mixture of needlework and old found objects. So. if you are interested or just want to see what one of a kind items I'm creating please click on this link:

Just a welcoming post now....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This would be my drawer full of ribbons and trims! It is a mess! I have been cutting out and matching my stitching with fabric. I have an assembly line going.  
Step one. Measure the things to be stitched by machine, then trim them and their mates (backs). A lot of pin cushions...
Step two. Add iron on interfacing only on the pin cushions.
Step Three. Press all and find the trims and ribbons for each. NOW, that the problem. See that drawer? That is what I have been digging through today. OH ME!.. 
No to mention, the paddle I'm painting looks like Crap! I'm going to have to sand it for the 3rd time. The paint keeps cracking... I don't want a paddle with an 1980's crackle texture!! lol I think it's to humid and hot outside for paint.. 
On to more fun things.. Paint will wait to tomorrow.
I did a little fabric shopping these past 2 weeks. Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Walmart really surprised me with there fabrics. A lot of  Primitive gingham fabrics. I'll just let the pictures talk:
 These were Hancock and Hobby Lobby fabrics. 
 The prints in the middle were from Hancock Fabrics, along with the dot one. The 2 on each end were from Wal Mart. 
These were all Walmart. I love all the black and beige ticking, and gingham. So I have lots to work with. I started assembling all my stitching to start sewing tomorrow.. Guess What? I always have a Guess What!  I wanted Eyelash trim for a special pillow. I dug all through my drawer. I had, purple, green and orange, I know Halloween colors!  lol  No black. I did see a piece way in the back under some other trim! Yipee!! NOPE.. Look!

I see another visit in my Crystal Ball!  lol Go ahead and laugh. It was not in the Cards for me to start sewing tonight!  Get it!! Crystal Ball and Cards.. I'm ready for Fall and Halloween!
I have stitching on a new design from Tammy Black. Scattered Seed Samplers.
 Tammy has her patterns for sell on her Etsy. Please check them out. Beautiful! She just released a new one with Rabbits.
This is my progress so far. I love the linen I'm stitching with. It was hand dyed by Dixie Sampler. Now to just get back to stitching on this one... 
Thank you for all the kind comments on BK.. Still no sign of her. 
I'm also feeling better. New allergy meds. No grass cutting or yard work. My yard looks like Crap, but I'm not sick!! LOL
I just think my yard looks like this:
(Not my yard)
In my yard the grass is brown and crunches and the leaves are falling off the trees. Is Fall here early? No, it is called Drought.  No rain in about 2 months..  So, no need to cut the grass.  
Take care, and if you are getting any rain... send some my way.
Till Later...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments on BK (Baby Kitty). It has been over a month. I have walked the area calling her and talking with neighbors to ask if anyone has seen her.. So unlike her. But, I have hope. Willie Loomis stayed gone for about 3 months, then just showed back up one day.. 
I have been leaving water and food outside on the porch for the little half grown kitten. It is wild and will not let me get near it. But I have been noticing that it comes up to eat twice a day. So, last night DH called me to the kitchen window.. I thought, he sees the little kitten. No, it is this:

Raccoon with NO TAIL !!  Have you ever seen one with no tail?  I posted it on facebook and my friends and family had a great time with this one.. Have you seen the Sear Optical commercial where the lady does not have her glasses on and calls her kitty to come inside. A raccoon walks right on in.. So funny. I have put the video at the end for your enjoyment!  lol
My family said that is a raccoon not a kitten. I know it isn't a kitten.. I don't have to have my glasses on to tell that.. It has NO TAIL!  lol   I just wanted to post and say thanks for the wishes for BK to come home soon.  If you need a little laugh. Just watch the video.