Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prim Stitchers Society Retreat #1

I'm back and I'm rested!  It was my first retreat and I loved every minute of it. I had a booth/table at the Merchant Mall and I also took the classes. The classes were great!  Elizabeth of Dames Of The Needle and Nan of Threadwork primitives did a class together. A beautiful mermaid needle drum.  We could finish the drum before we left or wait till later.. I waited.. I had to go straight from classes to the Merchant Mall so I did not have time to finish. We also had a great class with Faye of Carolina Stitcher! We learned how to finish a wool strawberry and a cute applique heart mat. (pictures below)

Here are some pictures of the things I purchased for myself for the Merchant Mall. LOL  I can't go to anything and be good about spending money. Eye candy!!

 Trims By Elizabeth - Dames Of The Needle. I love her trims, linen. and velvets. They are all hand dyed.
 My Olde Crow needle punch pattern and box from Teresa Miller. Her and Carol had a wonderful table setup. I will share a picture later!
 These are from Lori - Notforgotten farm!  I also bought this beautiful necklace below! I Love It!!
 I love the hive and the little bee!  Worked in her stitches. And a great piece to remember the retreat!
 Bonnie - The Nebby Needle!  I just had to get these charts. Once you see the models stitched... you can't pass on getting the charts.  lol
 Next, Becky - Death By Thread!  I model stitch for Becky. I love the little ghost pins she makes! I had to have the old jello mold with the black velvet. It has a black silk ribbon wrapped around the outer edge. To Cute Pin cushion! She had a gorgeous mermaid necklace.
 These were cute patterns by Carol - Woodland Primitives. I had to have them too... lol
 Next, Nan of Threadwork Primitives. I had to have this chart and candle holder. I went back to get her Retreat exclusive  kit, but it was all sold out.
 Next, Beth of Summer House !  Limited edition kit for the PSS Retreat. I had to also get all the Fragments in Time charts. She has a new set out, But after I seen these stitched up on her table. I was sold. Then I spotted this fabric, going to use as the base of the Pincushion charts by Carol..
 Next, One of my Besties table. Dixie Samplar Linens. I sorry I could have gone overboard at her table, but I buy from her all the time and I just needed these two colors, Toasted Coconut and Runestone to finish my collection.  lol  I got the new special dyed for retreat color! Georgia Peach Cobbler!  Beautiful Color!

 Theresa Meloon had her new release for the retreat, Be Mine Pin Drum!  She sold out in Georgia, so I waited to get when I got home. I bought the linen from Dixie Samplar for the heart on top. It sold at at the retreat too!  Tee made the necklace! I have been wanting one for a long time! I finally got to see them and I choose this one. The linen is a light lilac. So pretty!

I left Sandra for last. I worked her table. She was not able to come this year. Her models are beautiful!  I mean beautiful. I stood for hours helping stitchers chose which ones they wanted and listened to them oww and ahhh. Then I bought these two.  The colors in the Cat are beautiful!

I will stop here for tonight... I have pictures from the retreat and I will show my table space.
Until tomorrow... I'm back on the dinosaur desk top. Laptop is acting up again. I think they only last 3 years at tops.. urghhhh 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Prim Stitchers Retreat

I have been at the Primitive Stitcher's Retreat this past weekend. I have so much to talk about and to do a show and tell post!  I will be back this weekend.  I have to take pictures of all the goodies I bought!  Till then.....

Friday, March 18, 2016

Waving from Alabama!

Hello.... Hello... Is anybody still here?  If there is, I want to say I'm so sorry for being away so long.  I decided I need to take some time away from Facebook. I seem to get caught up in all the action over there. I used to love reading blogs and writing on mine.

I started back reading blogs tonight. Trying to catch up on what everyone is working on and being all creative. I have been a little creative too.  I have been designing a little needle punch designs.
 Donkey Parade
USA Moby
I also have some seasonal scissor trays I'm designing. I have lots of designs in my head. I have been drawing them out on paper. Now to make them come out like I see them.  lol  I have been doing some wool applique too. I have been doing some painting too. See I have been busy... Made some crosses.
 Made this cute mouse pin cushion from a pattern by Hudson's Holidays.  Turned out super cute.
We went to the Smoky Mountains back in September. I went to Dixie Darlin's Shop, The Pattern Hutch, and a great shop called The Smoky Mountain Spinnery.  I fell in love with hooked rugs. I asked about hooking and the next thing I knew... I met Rhonda Thistlethwaite and she showed me how to hook. Now I'm in love with Hooking!  She is a great teacher. I came out of the shop with this sunflower kit with all the wool to finish, a hooker's hook, a frame and frame cover!  I'm on a roll now!!  lol

I'm a Hooker!

I'm going to close for now.. I will be back. I have lots to tell about the Primitive Stitcher's Retreat near Atlanta coming up in 13 days!  I'm going!
I have one last picture to show!  My Grandbabies are not babies anymore. Josh is now 8 and Zoe is 6. They are growing up so fast. Zoe is wearing glasses for a little while for a lazy eye, she calls it a crazy eye.  lol  They make my life so much fun!

Christmas at my mom's (their Mimi)
I hope I still have some followers left.. I will be posting again this week.. I have much to show and tell. Till Later.......


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas !

I promise, I will be back at the beginning of the new year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I have been adding to my selling blog. You can visiting me here at this link:

I taking pictures of all the things I have made for myself and will get them up this week. I have been working on WTNT Word Play designs. Also some chalkboard stitching. I will also show the design I stitched for Lori of NFF.  I have a lot of blogging to make up for....

Till tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I have listed these 3 one of a kind items for sell on my Homestead Needleworkes Blog.  Please come and follow my blog to see what I will be creating next.  I will be listing more tomorrow and though out the week.  Link is below:


I will be posting what I have been making for myself and what has came in the mail from my stitching friends this week here on my blog.

Thanks for visiting me! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I'm still here!  I have a new computer and it is not going good!  I'm trying to start back blogging, but it is hard going from Windows Vista  ( if you can figure out how long ago that was) to Windows 10. lol  I just bought the HP tower. I had a new big monitor. Thought the monitor was the problem. Nope it was the computer. It had been worked on so much.. I just decided to crush it and get a new one.  I also got a new printer too. It is wireless, you should have seen me trying to figure out where the cord was to run to the computer.. DUH!  It's wireless.  It has been a day here at the olde homestead...

I have pictures of my finishes to show.. once I get them loaded into the new machine, I will be able to show what I have been doing.  Just bare with me please..  I'm an old dog trying to learn new tricks, or in this case new everything!  lol

Till later....

Edited at 5:35 pm...   I need a new comfortable chair!  My butt is numb... lol    That is all....