Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vincent Price

Vincent Price is one of my favorite people. His voice, I know from any one's voice. His looks were all his own. One of my favorite movies is House On Haunted Hill.

I like him in other horror movies too, but HOHH is my fav. I need to get Raeanne (dd) to bring over the dvd to watch it again. Did ya'll know Mr Price also appeared on Brady Bunch? yep... he did... Hawaii Week for the Brady's. He played professor Whitehead and talked to a Tikki Statue in a cave. He called the statue "Oliver". Yes I do watch Brady Bunch reruns. I love the Hawaii & Grand Canyon weeks.

Vincent Price redeemed himself after the Brady Bunch by being the voice in Michael Jackson Thriller video and song!!!

His voice was great and that creepy laughing! Best parts of the song! I love watching the long versions of the video and the song. But what is creepy is this....

Vincent Price has Alice Cooper in Chains !! Maybe that is where the group Alice In Chains got their name... LOL That is a creepy looking chest Alice Cooper has.... He didn't need to wear that opened stetchy thing-a-ma-jeg. Now... that is Scary! Even more scarier than Vincent Price !!! LOL

I have spent with day with grandson Josh.. We are watching Cartoons on Demand.

Till later....


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Great post! And yes...he has the most amazing 'scary' voice of all time! I've never actually seen HOHH....I must check it out! :o)

Glenna said...

Hilarious! I wouldn't have known that was Alice Cooper!