Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ho Hum Day !!!

No much happening here on my home front.... I have tonight, been trying to finish up 2 ornaments for the Breast Cancer Awareness Silent Auction at Attic Needleworks. I have them stitched. I just can't decide how to finish them off.... One is already in a finished pillow. It was a kit from Heart In Hand Designs. It comes with a little bag. I just need to attach a ribbon and something else to it... I am having a problem with the something else... The other is stitched pink ribbons on off white linen. I will try to get pictures up tomorrow. Better picture taking in the light of day.
I did work on attaching my Boo/Homespun Elegance Freebie to the top of my wooden box. I am not happy with it. It needs something too... I will also take it's picture tomorrow.. Boy, I have a lot to shoot tomorrow.. LOL
Grand babies went to the Ol' Baker Farm today.. They went on the hayride and picked their own pumpkins. Their mom had great pictures of them. I will get some from her and post them. I am finally glad Fall has arrived. I love looking at every one's Fall and Halloween decorations on the blogs. I will have to take pictures when I clean up the homestead here.. Not my favorite thing to do!
Guess I need to clean house tomorrow. Weekend is coming fast !!! Till Later......


Missy said...

I ask you why clean your house when you could be stitching? LOL I put off dusting and sweeping all day so that I could just stitch. I guess the dust will be waiting for me tomorrow. LOL

My two daughters are all grown now which made me think perhaps I should have had more children so that I could give them chores. JUST KIDDING!!! If my daughters did help around the house I had to question them WHY? LOL

I still need to decorate my house for fall. I do however have plenty of Halloween candy so that looks festive....while it lasts.;)

Hugs to you,

Melissa said...

I u derstand ho hum days. I've had one too. Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit of stitching though.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Housework whenever, Stitching forever.
Be always in stitches.