Friday, October 8, 2010

Ol' Baker's Farm

Here is Joshua and his Best Buddy, Lance with their pumpkins from the Ol' Baker Farm. Lance is 5 and Josh is 3. They always have a great time together. They are riding the hayride back from picking out their pumpkins.Raeanne and Shae (Lance's mom) have been friends since Kindergarten. Hope the boys can stay friends like their moms. Lance and his family have moved to AZ this summer. They were back to visit these last couple of weeks. This was their last day together before they flew back to AZ. Of Course.... Sister had to get in the picture !!! My Header at the top!!!

Of course... Zoe got herself a little pumpkin. She is so cute with her Cyndi Lou Hoo hairdo.. At least that is what her dad is calling a hairstyle.

Tomorrow is another Birthday Cake Day. Joshua turned 3 Thursday and we are having cake Saturday afternoon. I can't wait... I don't need it. I have put on some pounds since our Beach Vacation... I stay hungry for some reason.. Could it be that I am Southern and just LOVE Food !!! LOL

Till tomorrow......

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