Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Much Here !

Not much going on here. It has finally turned cooler. Well... I mean Cold. This morning was 41 ! I am not complaining at all !!! I love cold weather. There is a breeze. It is cool in the shade but feels great in the sun ! I love Autumn ! Just took it a long time to get here.

I have been stitching on the Model Chart for Brenda @ Country Stitches. I did paint some wooden boxes to attach some of my finished stitching. I have some scrapbook pages I am going to finish the inside with. I will try to finish those boxes tonight and post a picture tomorrow.

I am watching a lot of Horror Movies while I stitch. 31 days till Halloween on the TV!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Fall Start !!! Till Pictures tomorrow.....


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Do you have any favorite movies. My family and I have a few and its a great tradition to get them out in October and have some family time together.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Oh how I envy you having cool weather and a real Autumn! Enjoy your Halloween viewing. We are watching movies and reading Halloween books. Now if we just had some colored leaves and cool temps here in FL!