Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tahoe, No Longer Has A Toilet !!!

That is what I said... " Toilet has been removed from box in the back of my Tahoe and installed in the master bath .. YEAH !!!! I know I will get better gas mileage now. Also when I open the back up to put in groceries, they will all fit.
We did get the range hood installed and the stove placed in the hole on the counter top. DH & SIL put in toilet & 2 sinks in master bath. I scrapped up front bath flooring and will start to lay it tomorrow. DH bought new 8" deep sink for kitchen. Guess what ? It does not fit. To Big... Going back to Home Depot tomorrow. Hope mom does not mind a pit stop on the way back from treatment. That is all that has been going on over at Remodelsville....
I have been stitching some. I am almost finished on Brenda's freebie @ With Thy Needle & Thread Blog. I am starting 3 new Halloween stitching projects. Very little charts, I will list tomorrow. Going to bed now... Have a good night.

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