Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Cross Stitch Finish

Hello Everyone !!! I have a new cross stitch finish. This chart is a Freebie from Brenda's Blog - With Thy Needle & Thread. She has great cross stitch and needle punch patterns. I stitched mine on Dirty Linen 28 ct over 2 threads. I used modern colors of DMC #s 165, 166 - greens, 922 - orange, trying to get maybe a tiger lily like flower.#169 for birds and ribbon on basket, ecru, #3781, & 169 for lettering, basket, key & Year. I Think I will make into a pillow for my new home... If we ever get it finished.. LOL... I am going to start Halloween cross stitch tonight.
Sli (cat) is having a bad time, She is 18 years old. The last couple of days she has not eaten much. I found a growth on her neck. This morning I stayed outside with her while she was eating, Neighbor's tom cat comes over here and runs her off and eats her foods.. I know it is hard to keep cats in their own yard, but... DH has something for this Tom Cat...
Yep, you guessed.. A Trap. It would be different if the cat belonged to someone... The people up the street do not have their animals spayed or neutered. They have kittens and puppies running all around. The neighbor feeds them all.. Cats, Dogs, Birds, Squirrels, and everything else with 2 to 4 legs. So I hope you will see our side... All of our animals have been fixed and go in for rabies shots. Except this past year, Dr. Kelley asked if Sli was still alive, I said" Yes, I need to bring her in for her rabies shot." He just laughed and said if anyone said anything about her not having her shot, to tell them, He said," At 18 years old, if she is still alive, she doesn't need a shot." Years ago, This same cat attacked Sli, A couple of days after the attack, I notice half of her side was all bloody, I rushed her to the Vet. The site were the cat bit or clawed her had gotten infected and had Abscessed and burst open. She had to have surgery and wear a head funnel for awhile.. She has survived a lot. She first came home to us from being left in a box in the back of the city work truck where my mom worked. Mom called and said someone left 2 kittens in the back of a truck. She picked out gray one for me. I went and got her. We have loved her since.. Raeanne has grown up with her, Sli had to put up with Her and DH aggravating her. She loves me though....She has gave us some scares here lately.. She is slowing down so much, sleeps all day... She will not come in the house because Josh is inside... To aggravate.. Like Mother, like Son.. I was holding her this weekend and josh said, PRETTY and was petting her. I just laughed... Sli's fur looks like her tail has been put in electric socket ( stuck out all over) she hasn't been able to groom herself, and she has been Cross-Eyed since Birth... Yea Josh... PRETTY, But I love her.. Typed my fingers off and talked every one's ears off.. Good rest of the day..

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