Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Attack Snake & Magic Bus

What a title for this blog!!! First up is picture of mystery cross stitch I am working on. I have been singing Magic Bus by The Who, the whole time I have been stitching. This is a chart that is from Designer " The Sisterhood". Cute . I am not finished... This is a picture of what it will look like finished.

Sorry this picture is not good.
On to second part of this blog. Attack snake !!! I got out of my car a few minutes ago. I black snake came toward me. I took off running. I ran into the house and thought" wait my gun is outside in my car" I went back outside by then it was on the side of our rocky and clay hill. I can't shoot it from here. My luck the bullet would hit a rock and come back and hit me in the head! I just let it go.. On a black racer anyway... Let it eat any mice or small creatures I don't like.
I am having one more day. I have been in the bed with Sinus or a extra bad toothache.. I don't know which... Teeth on top & some on bottom are hurting bad. But then so is my ear and under my eyes??? What gives... Hope not Swine Flu...
Raeanne went to doctor today for them to draw fluid to check to see if Zoe's lungs are developed to go ahead and do a c section Thursday.. Dr said fluid looked good but they will know for sure tomorrow afternoon. If everything is ok, she will go into hospital Thursday. We will have our baby girl Zoe come into the world... She is going to love brother Joshua. He can't wait for her to get here. He keeps telling us all the new baby stuff is Zoe's.. Like we can't touch it. LOL
He is at his' Nana's today. His great grandparents are in from Mississippi for Zoe's birth. Well time to take more Pain meds... and lay here in bed with nothing on this TV !!! Urghhh
Have a great nite....

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