Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pay No Attention To Joshua's Shirt

Those Spots on Joshua's shirt is his supper.. Mom brought us chicken and dumplings, I fried some potatoes, had corn on the cob and made some cornbread muffins... That sure was alot of starches... Oh who cares.... LOL As Eddie says in Christmas Vacation, " I don't know about that Clark, But it sure is Gooood."
Poppa promised Joshua a lawnmower ride if her ate his supper... Well he is wearing must of it. Poppa said that was fine, his plate is clean.. He did like his meme's chicken and dumplings.
Baby Sis-ter is eating now.. She and I had a great talk while momma was taking a shower.. Just girl talk... She started running her hand over her hair and I told her that it looks great and not to worry about her hair-do, It will fall out once she starts turning that head side to side. She made a eyebrow - together look at me and I told her " that is the truth, your brother lost his hair on the side." Well, she didn't want to hear that... LOL
For my stitching readers, I haven't done much stitching... New baby Zoe, need I say anymore...
I am going to work on some Halloween stuff tonight. I started a new Freebie, can't remember who is the designer??? But when I finish with it, I will let you know. I did start another Freebie by The Stitcherhood called BOO. Here is their link The pattern for my VM bus came from them.
Well, it is about to storm here and Joshua is back inside.... Bath Time !!!! Yea !!!

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Tammy said...

Adorable kids! Congrats on the new baby! Thank you for stopping by my blog too-I appreciate it. Your stitching looks so fun!