Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Acute Sinus Infection !!!

Went to Doctor today. I have an acute sinus infection. She gave me ceftin and pain medicine. I said I didn't want any shots after that last episode. Dr said to watch around my ears and eyes, because of the bouts of staph I have had. I will take pain meds when I go to sleep tonight. I have to be ready in the morning for Zoe's delivery!!! Raeanne's doctor said he would do c-section on his lunch time at Noon.. All to report for now. Thanks Judy & Deb for helping with mom, carrying her to radiation. I greatly appreciate it..

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Coni said...

Oh, dear! I hope that you awake with nothing but wonderful health....phooey on that sinus infection.

You asked about the Lily Frog project that I'm working on (thank you for reading my blog, by the way!)...the designer name is Sew Much Fun. And! They have many many fabulous animals if you're not into frogs.

Woo Hoo!