Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working On Extreme Trailer Make-Over

This week has been a busy week. Mom's last day of radiation was Tuesday. Wednesday and today, I spent over at make-over trailer working... We got the metal back splash put up. I painted all base boards for the big closet. Stained more molding to trim around windows. Finished laying tile in small bathroom. That was a big job anyway.. To make all the cuts to fit in little places.. Urghhh. We hooked up dish washer and kitchen sink tonight... Did I tell you all, we had to plumb the whole trailer.... DH's job this weekend is to hook up sewer. Great job.. LOL and then we can turn on the water !!! YEA !!!! We still have 3 rooms to put down carpet.
There is this table and four chairs that I am thinking about painting black. It is stained wood now. I thought I would paint black then ruff up a little and sand on some places where the wood would show... Then seal it with clear.. Kind of Ballard Designs Look.. I said.. I thought about it... LOL I will try it, maybe it will look good.I thought of white, but it would stick out big time painted white.
I received in the mail today, new stitching project to stitch for Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle & Threads Designs... Can't say what it is of... But it is a design that I really like.. I may have to stitch it again for me. I have 4 designs of Brenda's right now, I need to stitch for Autumn and Halloween. They are: Gathering Acorns, Black Cat Sampler, It's A Hoot, and Fraidy Jack ( a needle punch design) Her site is here: Brenda also does jewelry that is great. Check her web site out.
Baby Zoe is doing great and Josh tries to give her kisses all the time.. Hard Kisses on her head.. We have to keep reminding him that she is little and to be gentle.. He right now is wanting to give love kisses and she is trying to take a bottle.. Of course it is 11:10 PM.. He is fighting sleep. Now that I think about it... I should be in bed !!! LOL See ya'll tomorrow !!!


Coni said...

Hellooooo, you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and asking about my studio. I posted pics last year in June (if you're interested). I think there's also a few pics of the Happy Chair, so now you'll know every thing there is to know about silly me.

Sounds like you are really busy feathering your new nest! I can't belive all of the things you know how to/are brave enough to do! (I'm not allowed to do any of that stuff without adult supervision.)

Woo Hoo!

Ranae said...

Sounds like you too have some remodeling going on too.
Congrats! to the new addition to the family what a cutie!
I had fun browsing your blog. I love the Magic School Bus. I have some Sisterhood charts, but haven't seen that one. That one is a must, Thanks!!
I love the cat profile photo, who designed it? It looks a little familiar.
I am putting you in my google reader, I will be back