Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost A Week ?

Whew.... I didn't know it has almost been a week. This has been a busy week. Mom went to Radiation each day.
Raeanne had Baby scare Thursday. She told Dr. baby has not moved much. They wanted her to lay down for a couple of hours rest and to count how many times baby moves within that hour. Chip took Joshua to his Nana's House ( chip's mom) so Mom could rest. Dr. scared her by saying if baby did not move more than 4 times within each hour, to call him and then go to Hospital. Baby Zoe may be in distress. Turns out Zoe decided to start tap dancing on Raeanne's Bladder. She is breach .... We took that as a sign that she is OK. Next Thursday, she is to go in for the needle test to see if Zoe's lungs are developed. Then the Next Thursday she is going in for the c-section. Please keep her in your prayers. 2 more weeks and we will have a Baby !!!!!
I have not moved yet. This place is a mess... Mom will tell you that too!!! LOL. She tried to help us Tuesday clean. I had a bruised knee. I fell getting on to Joshua on the Front porch. When I turned to get on to him, Knee went right instead of straight ahead... I'm Graceful as always !!!
Back to work on Extreme Trailer Makeover tomorrow. I will take a picture tomorrow of the great tile job our friend Wayne did last Saturday. I need to clean up the rooms so we can start laying carpet. DH said he had to finish hooking up Drains and Sewer. I got a bunch of stuff stored in sun room I need to move out and also in bedroom.. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
Have a great weekend !!! April Mechelle

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