Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Question and A Work Weekend

Hello Everyone,
Ranae asked a question about who designed my Profile X-stitch picture. It from a set of charts by Cricket Collections , Crossed Eyed Cricket . I have been stitching on them for 2 Halloweens. And I am afraid to say they will not be finished for this Halloween.... Oh well... I have been stitching away on the New design for Brenda.
We did go get all the shelves to do our big closet. Finished all but the shoe racks tonight. I have Water NOW !!!!! Yea !!! Did not know that could make me so happy. But I guess I'm so excited because I don't have to leave and go home to get water for brush clean up or use the bathroom. That has be a pain in the a$$... But now I have flushed the toilet for about 6 times this afternoon just to watch it !!! LOL That would be the famous toilet that rode around in the back of the tahoe for about 6 weeks.
Hope to get the carpet in next and then.... yes.... you hear me....MOVE IN !!!!! I now can clean all walls and cabinets and put all those tools away. Oh Yes !!!! I will take finished pictures.. Well, it is time to get off this computer.. Have a great night.

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