Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor on Labor Day

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!!! I labored on Labor Day. I installed the kitchen faucet By Myself !!! DH was on Bobcat and Track Hole digging up 3 trees in the yard I wanted gone. One HUGE Mimosa. We had cut it down and left the stump. The stump was about 2 feet in diameter. Also 2 Cherry Trees, all they do is drop berries and limbs die one by one and fall off, and I have to gather when I cut grass. Morning Glory vines are taking over the back yard. They are pretty with the blooms... That was all on the yard work. I also starting tile work in front bathroom. Got maybe 14 pieces down and had to stop. Sinus's are acting up. Mom said it is the musty smell in there.. I am beginning to think she is right. Hopefully I can get it finished this week. Tried working on back splash.. Gave up. I need a tall man.. I ended up laying on top of the counter trying to reach this certain area.. I walked back across the street toward home.. Took a shower, can't hardly walk.. Let along move my arms.
But I did work from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. I am tired !!! I need a nap !!! BYE.

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