Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Can't I Have Snow ?

That is my question for today. I have been reading all the blogs and looking at all the pictures of Snow.. I Want Snow !!! Not our Wet Icy Snow... No, I want that great fluffy, beautiful white Snow. Now ... If you have been in my South Land when it snows... IT is terrible. Weatherman calls for snow.. Maybe 1 inch.. It seems people go into panic mode. They go out and buy up all the Bread, Milk and Potato Chips in the stores. Then, they go and gas up their cars. Why... I don't get this... We have ICE ... There will be no driving! They close all Schools, Roads and Interstates. So where do you think you can drive to? LOL Well .. After the grocery stores shelves are empty and everyone is sitting on the edge of the seats. We get maybe some flakes... maybe 10 flakes or enough to cover the ground and melts as fast as it hit the grass. Sometimes we get NO SNOW! I am sitting in the nice warm house... (Because when they call for snow, it is always so unbearably COLD) I am thinking ... What are all the people eating for lunch? All that food they bought and didn't leave any to share.. I will share this tidbit... When I was in School, we always had Snow Days allowed. Now it is called Weather Days. Why? We have more Tornadoes than Snow! LOL Just some info, if any of my friends up North, East, or West of Me want to move South. You will miss the SNOW ! I will trade you Very Hot Humid Summer for just a little Snow ! LOL Well... I can Dream.... Till Later.


~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

You are soooooooo right, I noticed the whole empty milk thing while at store the night before predicted storm. We were out of milk, so I got ours ~ cause we needed it, at least the first 2 gallons, the 3rd and 4th gallon were storm spares ~ lol! Snow is ok, the bitter, mind numbing arctic cold that attacks your bladder ~ not so much:)

Like your new background, have a great day and Sweet Stitchin!

stitcheranon said...

You can have Irelands snow with pleasure. The problem is the white fluffy stuff goes all yucky and mushy and then melts and then re-freezes and before you know it you are housebound for two weeks...possibly three yet. Please take it. And do not worry about swapping with your winds, you are welcome to the snow for free: consider it a gift lol

Joy said...

Hi April...I live in the Midwest and I love snow...last year was perfect. Now, it's just dry and no snow in sight.

I remember the first year I visited my daughter in AL about this time of year and everyone was in heavy coats....not to mention it was in the 50's!

And why is it the little old people are always the first to gt out when the forecast is snow?

Have a great week!

Rachel S said...

I think everyone wants that beautiful snow. It's never as much fun as you think it will be. After last winter, if it doesn't snow this whole winter, I'll be happy.