Saturday, December 18, 2010

Any New Exchanges?

I am thinking, I would like to join some exchanges for this up coming year of 2011. I used to do Exchanges and Round Robins years ago. Does anyone do any Round Robins anymore? Or is it called something else? I have some stitched pictures from my Round Robins and Ornaments from different groups. That was when there used to be message boards on AOL....I enjoyed stitching for them so much. Does anyone know of any new exchanges that will start up in the new year! I just did an exchange in Viv's Cup Of Christmas Cheer. I really enjoyed making some ornaments and sending surprises with it. I also met a wonderful new friend, who's husband is from Birmingham Alabama. I am hoping that ya'll may know some groups for stitching or any crafts. I would appreciate any info... Thanks.

PS.. I need to post some pictures of the items from those groups of years ago.....

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Leisha said...

April, I would love to do some exhanges as well! If you find some, let me know and I will join too! I enjoy your blog!