Monday, December 27, 2010

I Don't Know

I don't know what to do next.. Should I clean house first.. or put up all Christmas decorations first? If I clean up first.. I will be cleaning this place twice. I hate to clean. Tomorrow I will get up early and start on this place. Over the weekend I just let this place go. Today was a day spent at Hobby Lobby with mom. I had this unknown lady in front of me going up and down the aisles talking on her phone and blocking the whole aisles. These people seem to always find ME....I even tried to avoid the aisles she was on, but every time I seen she was on that aisle I would try to go to another one. Then here she comes again, talking loud and blocking and standing around yaking.. Had the same thing happen yesterday at Wally World. Lady in front of me was Texting and had a small son get the things and put them in the cart for her. I stood and watched them. She could not even stop long enough to get what she needed. She would point and tell him what to get and then go back to texting. Move her cart down a little shout at him what to get and go back to texting... over and over... I just gave it up and left that Candy Area all together! Yes, I was in the candy area at 50% off.... LOL
Why does it bother me so bad that people around me are always on their phones talking real loud or else not paying attention and texting? Maybe it is just me. When I am out and get a call, I always tell them let me call you back I am at ( where-ever) or driving to (so-in-so). Maybe I need some help .... It is just I look around and everyone has a phone to their ear, texting away, or have that blue tooth in their ear, which looks like they are crazy and talking to themselves.
I have said that this New Year 2011, I am going to de-stress, try to eat better, and not pay attention to those phone people who annoy me. LOL Can ya'll tell I do not like anything to change.. If it was 1978 all over again. I would be perfectly happy and only 13 .... again. The title of my post - I don't know? I really don't know.... Till Later..


Parsley said...

I'm with you. This whole 'texting' thing gets people in their own world or something. I wish they would engage in reality around them.

Oh well...I say have some coffee or tea and stitch for an hour then work..hehehe

Deanna said...

I'm with you about the phones. It isn't right. I watched two teens in a restaurant, each on their phones, texting others. The worst is families who ignore their children. It is upsetting.

I hope you chose to put the stuff away first, and then clean. I try to never duplicate efforts!

Deb said...

I think that you should clean after you take the decorations down. Why clean twice?

I'm with you on the phones! I hate getting a call or text while I'm driving. Unless it's an emergency, don't call me. People get caught up in those things and don't pay attention to what they're going in a store or on the road. That's just too dangerous for me.

Rachel S said...

I don't talk on the phone in stores. I have to focus when shopping and I can't focus if I'm talking.

Sharlotte said...

I totally know what you mean. My hubby and I have both noticed that if someone gets in our way at the store when we first get there, they seem to continually do it the whole time we are there. Very annoying! I can see someone's reason for texting when the texting doesn't take up as many minutes as an actual phone call. When someone is on a tight budget you have to try to make those dollars stretch. BUT,there is a time and place for that. Driving and taking your attention away from what's more important are not good times to be texting. I don't even talk on the phone when I am driving. I flat out refuse to! This particular situation you were speaking of is annoying because that mother got so involved in texting,( something she could have waited on) that it caused her to get short with her child. Wrong, wrong,wrong!