Thursday, December 16, 2010

All My Chritsmas Decorating

This is all my decorating that I have done so far. Barry Manilow is singing in the background. At least it is not Kenny G playing. Mom burnt me out on Kenny G. For years all that was in her car at Christmas was Kenny G!! Sorry Mom.... That ceramic Christmas Tree was made by My Grandma. It is my most cherished thing.. besides my plastic Elf that is my age. If ... I ever get my tree up and decorated he will be under it. I am going for this weekend. Maybe no carpet in the room but, I will be in there, tree up and decorated. I will post pictures when I get it all together.

The Amaryllis Bulb Kit was sent by Brenda of Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread. I hope I have done everything right to get it to grow and bloom. Thank you, Brenda..

This is the table. That red table runner did have tassels attached to the ends. I noticed the other day one was in the floor... Wonder what happened?? I call it Zoe, happened to it.. She had pulling on it all weekend. So, I just cut the other one off.. Problem solved! lol

Can't you just see all that sneakiness coming out !! lol Zoe is wearing the dress her mother wore 28 years ago for a Christmas Picture !!

He is saying," Gigi... don't take my picture!" I got it anyway!!! The boy, who used to be a camera hog, now runs from picture taking time.. What gives??

I will live you with this picture of" Gleaming Sex in The Window" from The Christmas Story. The Famous Leg Lamp. I also have the ornament.. When that tree gets put up.. I have been looking for Eddie's RV Ornament on Ebay. I think I need to forget about it.. Prices have been near $100.00.. Out of my price range... I wish I had seen it when it came out... Oh well... I can live without it... I think.

I see a lot of my blogger friends are snowed under. Hope you are staying warm, stitching or crafting away!!! It is warm here today in Alabama. Freezing and sleeting yesterday. Warm and humid today! Geez...

Till later....


Catherine said...

Too funny about the tassle! She is such a cutie and how fun about the dress!! What a cute little guy too!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love the decorations - how great to have a treasure from your grandmother! The kids are adorable and Zoe is too cute in the "vintage" dress!

Love the lamp!

Myra said...

I think you are off to a fabulous start. I have one of those ceramic trees somewhere - I need to go search it out.

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Love your kitchen...very warm and inviting! Glad to see some holiday decorating, LOL!

What cuties you have there...she does look like a little impish elf! I can't wait to see the finish on the Christmas decorating...

Happy Stitchin'

Rachel S said...

That little angel face could never pull off a tassel. Thank you for sharing the decorations. They are pretty!

Michelle May said...

Yet again..another blogging friend that I wished lived close to me because we would have soooooooo much fun together!
I love the tree made by your grammy. The kiddo's are oh so adorable and the leg lamp...totally hilarious!!! Oh how I love that movie!
Merry Christmas girlfriend! You are so much fun!
xx, shell