Monday, December 13, 2010

Only In Alabama !

Only in Alabama does it snow for 2 days with (0) Zero accumulations.... Zip - Noda ! So pretty though to see the flakes falling to the ground or blowing around by the high winds we had. Today it is 31 degrees in Alabama with wind chill at 16 degrees. That is COLD !!! I had to go to the post office this morning and mail packages. I looked like a big tick with a bright pink scarf and hat.. but everyone else was wrapped up too. We have finished the room walls. I will get good pictures this week for you. I have been finishing up those ornaments. I will also post pictures of them... While I need to go get my tree out and start putting it up... Well, maybe I will get sit here in the warm house and stitch! That does sound better... I will let Hubby go get the tree when he comes in, he has been out in the cold all day. The heavy equipment all decided not to run right today. He called me earlier today to say Equipment only breaks down in 120 degree and -0 degree weather. I have the house all warm for him and I am warming up his recliner till he gets in. LOL I am also keeping my PJ's warm.. I am still in them!!! LOL Till Later


Parsley said...

Well...Oklahoma is not known for keeping it's snow either. Though we didn't get any recently, we have had beautiful snowy days that leave nothing on the ground for us to play with :-(

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I'd happily send you some of ours AND the cold weather to go along with it; brrrrr! Glad your fingers are getting better. Love the sock monkey ornament!

vivian said...

Hi April! Its pretty cold here too, but were used to it, I guess! I say that I guess, because actually I'm not used to it yet this year... I was freezing my butt off today. Were getting a bit of a winter storm here. poohey!! have a great week and stay warm!

Deb said...

If you're looking for snow, I can send some down to you! LOL We got about 8 inches, the winds are blowing and the wind chill is going down to -20. I think I want to be in Alabama!