Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mail Call !!

I forgot to post this Wednesday. Tonight is New Years Eve.. This is what came in the mail. It was wrapped so pretty!!! I won this Beautiful Wall Hanger and Square that Shell over at The Raspberry Rabbits had stitched. It goes so well in the new sun room. I love that thread!! Thank you Shell and The Bunnies !!!

I have been behind in reading blogs. Today we visited with some dear friends. We had a great time. Played Mexican Train Wreck. ( a domino's game) We just arrived home. I'm going to stitch some on my last ornament of 2010. I now .... I have a hour and a half before the New Year is here. Boy... am I pushing it. Hope everyone has a great New Years !!!!


Roberta said...

What a lovely wall hanging.

Happy New Year.

Bonnie said...

Lucky you! That is a beautiful wall hanging.

I had my blackeyed peas and collards yesterday.