Monday, December 20, 2010

Tree Pictures

This is a little of decorating Josh and I did today. That is my Treasured Elf under that tree. He is 45 years old. There is also Cat In The Hat, Priscilla Pig from Parsians Store from 1982 ( Daughters) and Santa's Elf in background was made by a daughter's friend's mom back in the 90's. It is so cute !!
This is my The Christmas Carol ornaments. Marley's Ghost and Crachet with Tiny Tim, along with the Humbug sign.I wish I could find the others to match. A little view of my Ober Gatlinburg ornament.

I have a collection of ornaments that Mom has gave me. Here is Island Of Misfit Toys - Cowboy on Ostrich, A Boyd's Mouse, and Parsians Shopping Santa. I also collect Ornament from our trips. The gold one is Biltmore Estate Ornament. I also have a lot of Lucy, Gone With The Wind, and other Hallmark Ornaments. This year, GWTW did not make it to the tree. I have so much.. Next year they may get a tree of their own.

The robust Mermaid on the right is one of my favorites. My mom brought this back for me from Natchez Mississippi. Sorry for the blurry picture. Of course, Lucy's chocolate ornament is a windup and the chocolates go flying by on the belt. The face in the upper left corner is my glass Polar Bear ornament. His butt is in the picture above. LOL. He is so unusual. I love anything different, one of a kind, or unusual.

This is my Christmas Story Lamp & Box Ornament. One of my favorites.. Of course, it was gave to me by mom. That wood ornament was cut out and painted by me, years ago. My tree has no theme.. Maybe it does.. 29 years of collecting. I will give a little peek every day till Christmas, if ya'll like.. I was unwrapping ornaments and remembering today , who gave this one to me, where I got that one, and important dates for ornaments... I started telling Josh about them.. He was not very interested.. He had more important things to think about, like... me wrapping HIS gifts, watching cartoons, and eating snacks in the recliner.. I lost my helper... oh well... Maybe when him and Zoe gets older they will want to know about the stories behind the ornaments.

Hope everyone is having a great week ~~


Roberta said...

Hi Michelle, your ornaments and tree are lovely and so special.

Your room is coming along nicely, enjoy

Merry Christmas

Joanie said...

Beautiful tree, April Mechelle. Like you, my tree is a collection of memories. Merry Christmas!

TinaTx said...

The tree looks wonderful! I have a 'collecting tree' too! It is so full, last year I pulled all the fireman ornaments off and put them on another tree!
Your room is looking great!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nan said...

What a great tree. The ornaments you have are very special and have more meaning than any theme tree ever could.
Merry Christmas!

Melanie said...

Very nice!!!!