Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cross Stitch Ornament Tree !!

These are some pictures of my Cross Stitch Tree. Most of these were exchanged with friends a long time ago. I was in an exchange group. Some have their names. But a lot of them does not, I wish I knew who stitched what.
I also added those I finished stitching this year. I have some more to post. Can ya'll believe my camera battery died again.

Do ya'll notice something in this picture? A question game... No, not that the grands have made a mess in the new room.. No, not that the futon was not put together yet.. You give up... There is no Tree Skirt.. Last year Rebel dog grabbed it out from under the tree and made her a bed on it... I could not force myself to take it away from her. When Christmas was over I washed and packed it up. Well... This year I pulled it out. Laid it down and started decorating. Turned around the Tree Skirt was gone.. Rebel had dragged it into the living room and it is now under her desk, where is lays.. The other day I looked around and she had 2 afghans and Josh's sleeping bag piled up under her desk and she had made herself a bed.. I Think she may be part Cat... LOL

Till Tomorrow .....


Roberta said...

Your tree looks lovely. The new room looks like it will be used lots.

Your dog is just nesting - maybe is a cat in disguise!!!

Merry Christmas

Mylene said...

Your cross stitch ornament tree looks wonderful! I can't put up our tree this year being our house bare and ready for the painters inside.
Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog.

Merry Christmas!!

Ranae said...

Beautiful tree
"Happy 2011 Stitching"