Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To The Pool We Go !!!!!

To Hot here today.... So what is there to do? We head to Hubby's cousin's Pool. They are in Panama City Beach.. I was left in charge of holding down the pool. As you can see, Zoe loved the pool. She did a wonderful job of holding it down!!! lol She is our little princess! She has on her Princess glasses too. Josh couldn't wait to get in, he then discovered it was over his head. It scared Him. Wanted back out and he walked around the pool looking at us the whole time. Memories came to me of my brother Trey growing up. He had the tote bag full of swim stuff, you know... mask, goggles, fins,swimmies,rubber shark, and boats.He would wear all the items at once and also a life jacket. He would walk up and down the sides and around the pool just watching us swim. Never did get in..He would wet his feet and Say" just checking water temp before I get in". lol I wish my mom would have taken pictures of him. This went one for years.. I sure hope he can swim now.. I took to water like a fish growing up.. Gigi will need to take them more often to get them swimming. Here are more pictures of our day:

That has been my day. To hot for anything else. Till Later...


Deb said...

Oh my goodness, does that pool look inviting. I'm actually feeling cooler just looking at those pictures. That picture of Zoe is so precious and she looks like she's having the best time!

Tanya said...

CUTE pics! Nothing like the pool :) Enjoy summertime.