Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something I Almost Cut Down

I thought this was a weed. I almost cut it down, till it started blooming. Mom told me it was a Lily. I thought It looked like a weed till the blooms started developing. It is now beautiful. Three different stalks with about 5 to 6 blooms each... The problem is... They are growing right up in the middle of a rose brush. After they finish blooming, can I move them somewhere else in the yard? Any help is appreciated. I also took this pictures of the grapes. Birds usually gets these before they get any bigger. We are lucky this year, they are still on the vine growing.. Not big grapes.. but growing.

These big grasshopper things that are black with red stripes down they backs are eating everything in the yard. Nothing will kill them. Spoke to Ortho person at Home Depot, because the ant poison we bought ( to keep little ones from being ate up) doesn't work. He said I needed to write to the EPA and Government because that can not use any chemicals that kill the bugs, slugs, ants, beetles, ect.... anymore. outlawed !!! He said quote" The stuff we manufacture will not kill them, they are immune to it. " End Quote. So.. I thought I am wasting my money on Bug B Gone. I had 2 bags at home. Put them out in the yard 2 weeks ago... Still ants and everything. Soon Headlines of all southern newspapers will read - Bugs take over the South along with Kudzu and Mimosa!

Till later... Outside to try to tame the Mimosa !


Pumpkin said...

OH lovely!!!! Sorry, I can't help you with this.

Do you grow wine grapes? DH said he has some grapes on his wine vines but they are not planted in the ground yet so I doubt they will make it through the season.

Huh. Good to know.

Deb said...

You can definitely transplant that Lily. We have quite a few of them and have moved them around the yard. Just be careful of the roots and you should be fine. Check online and see when the best time is to do that - possibly fall.

Melanie said...

Definitely can move it. I have a ton of day lilies in my yard that we've transplanted to other areas - they grow like weeds and pop up so many new flowers every year you have to cut them back or move them or else they grow out of control.

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

Beautiful things often come in unassuming packages ~ love your day lily! Dig it up and transplant it in the fall.

Have you tried Sevin Dust in your yard? Kills fleas, ticks, and other creepy-crawlies.

You can send me your mimosas! We don't have any and I would love some ;o)

Love your blog!

Natasha said...

Beautiful Lily. They are very resilant plants I dug mine up and move them many times and they survied :)

Ohhh when we lived in South Carolina the bugs were something else, I guess like humans becoming immune to vacines they can get immune to bug spray :(

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing your new hair color