Friday, June 4, 2010

Cross Stitch Update

This is the surprise I am working on. I used yarn because I want it to look 60's. I have other ideas for this finish. Keep checking back to see them.

I have been stitching other things too. Phebe Brown 1702-1712 by Carriage House Samplings. This is a quick stitch.. I hope... lol

So many things need to be done around my house. I don't want to do anything... Has been a rainy week here. I think that Seasonal (S.A.D) thing has something to do with it. Cloudy and Rainy = Bluey.

I have dishes calling me from the sink... yes, sink.. Dishwasher is old and doesn't want to wash the dishes right anymore.. So this Dishwasher has to do the job... lol

Till Later.....


Glenna said...

Doing dishes is a good reason to pick up a pizza and eat it on paper plates. I'm glad to see it's NOT macrame. Looks pretty, so far.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

what a nice blog to pop in on, I will back.
Be always in stitches.