Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Find In The Old Shed

It was not a pretty sight. I stood there and gazed at it, wondering... What is it and why is it on the tub I need? Then I notice the wicker pieces laying around it. OMG!!! It has shredded my wicker settee! I took this lid off the tub, brought it out here in the daylight.. Then I noticed the mushroom and berries... I thought at first it was fecal matter... But no.. It is the visitor's dinner leftovers from last night. Needless to say.. I have relocated it's home. Still don't know what is making it's home in the old shed.. But the tub is in the house safe.. LOL Hubby can laugh all he wants about my collection of tubs. Hey... when you move from a bigger place to a smaller place.. you have leftover stuff that will not fit anywhere... Am I right? I thought they would by Safe in the shed.. But... No. If I did not need my little white bird napkin rings.. no telling how long our unwanted guest would have been homesteading.

Thinking of birds. I started backs stitching on the Memorial Sampler for my dad. Something is telling me to work on it.. Just a feeling... I do go with my feeling, I have discovered that a lot of times, it is not my feelings, but I think it is God talking. I have learned a lesson from not listening or obeying Him. I now Listen, even when it doesn't make sense to me.

Here is a picture of the progress so far:

I finished the little scissor fob this morning. It is a Shepherd's Bush Kit. I have a better picture here.

The saying is: My scissors I will keep... Like a Shepherd his sheep. Cute, but so small and hard to turn after it was sewn. Need to get back to cleaning house.. Still have a nasty floor to mop.. Sounds like fun !!! whoo hoo !!! till later.


Parsley said...

Eew..mouse nests are stinky. We have pet mice. Wild ones in our home and stuff go bye bye.

I think your stitchy project is really cute. I have been doing a tiny project I really should be back to.

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Sorry to hear about your settee!

Love the progress on your Memorial sampler...it's beautiful. And, I love the pouch for your dad and the scissors keep for your grandmother.


Ranae said...

I sure can say the WIP is so much more prettier then that nest, lol
Cleaning house, yuck!!!!
Have fun!!

Missy aka Birdy said...

Beautiful WIP and scissor fob. I hadn't seen that SB fob before thank you for showing it to us. I NEED it now!! LOL