Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

My kind of place in Seattle Washington !

Hot today outside. I think they said 106 w/heat index. I worked outside with the 2 man crew today. Dewayne took one with him to go back to work and I was left with one guy. We now have a pile of scrapes to haul off in the dump truck, along with other stuff I piled up. LOL I started throwing everything that I saw in that pile... I lost out on the bid for Rock next to the door. There is siding there now. I will try to take pictures of it all the way around tomorrow.
Just a short note before I turn in.. Need to get up early here to beat the heat.. Oh, By the way.. Seen on Weather channel today, It barely made it to 68 degrees in Seattle WA.
Oh, But to be in Seattle... ahhhh


Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't this weather just unbearable? arrgh. I lived in Louisiana about a hundred years ago and it felt like this ALL SUMMER LONG! But that was another lifetime ago.

Nice to see your makeover is back on track too!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Melanie said...

Ugh. I hate the heat. I feel for ya. :(

Anonymous said...

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