Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty Subjects !!!

These pretties were stolen from my mother's bush. I am hoping she will not notice the almost bloom less bush in her front yard. LOL Hey... She said I could cut some lavender... After I cut it I walked around her yard. She has a beautiful yard... I just need to get my butt over there and pressure wash all that I promised to do for her. Here is a before picture of The Bush...

I did cut some lavender. She has alot of it. I am going to dry it and put into my cross stitch pillows. Let me tell you... My car smelt so good coming home. I just sang with the 70's channel on my sirus and smiled all the way home. Here is some of mom's lavender:

That is a before picture too.. I did random cuttings, so it would not look bald. LOL Here is the little bit of lavender I got.

While I was doing all this burglarizing, Amos , The Cat... Was rolling on his back trying to get my attention to scratch his belly.. He is Mom's Huge Fat Cat... LOL

I can't believe I didn't think to get a picture of him... Dumb thing tho.... I opened the door to let him go into the Air Conditioned House... He just looked up at me and rolled over again... Stupid cat ! I gave him an opening to go in a take a cool nap... While I was cutting all this... He disappeared. I started to leave... Went around to close the back of the SUV... Guess who was sitting in the back? Amos... LOL

I said You ready to go? He then jumped out... All 30 or more lbs of him... He is so funny looking .. A little bitty head on a great big fat body... LOL Why am I laughing... People look at me and probably think the same thing... LOL

That is my time with Amos.. Great to enjoy the sun, fun and the love of a cat... Miss my Sli Cat. Till tomorrow, I should have groovy yarn project finished....


Sharlotte said...

Oh beautiful! I would have liked to take home the lavendar plant that I seen at the hardware store the other day and I almost did, but I have a brown thumb! I think Amoz is trying to tell you that he wants to go home with you!LOL.

dixiesamplar said...

What?? No picture of the famous Amos the cat??!! LOL! He sounds like a poundful!

Love the your mother wondered sho scalped her bushes!

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Littlebit said...

What beautiful hydrangeas and lavender! I LOVE lavender and wish I had an entire field of it. Have you ever made a wreath with those hydrangeas? Beautiful and lasts over a year. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. I would love to see a picture of the "kitty." :)

Rachel S said...

Such pretty flowers. I saw a bridal bouquet of just dried lavendar the other day and it seemed so pretty. I have 2 plants in the yard and they're not coming up fast enough

Jackie said...

The hydrangeas are beautiful! They look great dried too. I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not sure I've ever seen real lavender.

Deanna said...

You just showed off two of my favorite plants in the whole world! I have tried for years to grow hydrangeas and they just don't like me. If you use cylica (sp?) they dry beautifully.

And lavender smells divine. I always have some in my gardens but mine never look as pretty as your moms.