Friday, June 18, 2010

Grandma Scissor Keeper

I am celebrating my grandmother today. I know that Father's Day is Sunday.. I have a post for that day too. When grandma pasted away, I was given her sewing box. In this sewing box was thread, needles, buttons, and other regular sewing items. There was also some tatting that she had made.. Red, White, & Blue tatting. I have made a scissor keeper and attached the tatting to it.

For Memory of Frances Phillips Duncan

This is a picture of the back with the year she was born.

This is what I was doing yesterday. I also have to get back to stitching on my dad's Memorial Sampler.

Toe is better today.. I put cotton between it and big toe and taped them together. That is what Dr Mom told me to do.. She should know, she has broke her toes 3 different times.. LOL Again... She was right! See, we should listen to our elders. Don't talk back to them and the most important... Don't roll your eyes at what they are saying... Just stare blankly... LOL

Till Later !!!!!


Parsley said...

I love how you used the piece to remember your Grandma. Sweet!

Yep...listen to you mom except when she tells you to reach into a flower bed when you hear something rustling.

re'New said...

The keeper is really cute! .... I've got the "stare blankly, act like you didn't hear" look down pat. I know it's not very respectful, but otherwise I would say something I shouldn't...

Birdy said...

Beautiful tribute. And yes moms are always right.....darn it!! LOL LOL

Just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading though it. Looking forward to more.

I'm just back to blogging after having been away from it. I miss chit chat from fellow bloggers.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Glenna said...

What a nice tribute to your Grandma--and you've stitched and finished it so beautifully. Best wishes to your toe!

Michelle May said...

How great is that! Love your grandma's tatting. I have some from my grammy too. Such a beautiful art form it is.
Glad your toe is doing better. Ouch!!!
It's hot here in NC too. I want to live where it's about 75 year round!
Looking forward to seeing your progression on your home makeover. Fun!

Deb said...

Oh how funny - my kids roll their eyes at me and their stare blankly! LOL

I think that your pillow is wonderful especially with being able to use some of your grandmother's tatting on it. What a skill tatting is.

And I hope that your toe feels better soon - OUCH! I have heard that taping them together is what does the trip. Guess it would look funny with a little cast on it, wouldn't it! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi! Found your sweet comment on my blog, thanks for visiting. I have to laugh at your name of your me, your life is everything but dull! lol Love your hand work. Such a lovely way to tribute the memory of your grandmother!Hope your toe gets better! blessings, Kathleen

Melanie said...

It's a very sweet pillow. Good job! :)

Myra said...

That is so pretty and what a special memory you have created. I have to read more to find out about your toe. Ouch!