Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad's Pouch

This pattern is by Designer With Thy Needle & Thread. It is called The Gardner's Pouch. I stitched it awhile back.My dad was an outdoorsy person. I loved the rabbit on the chart. So I dedicate this to him. That is not the year he was born. I stitch what was on the pattern. I did finish the back like this:

Yes... My dad went by the name Peewee. I know what I am going to store in this pouch. I have his gold Tiger Eye Ring, Coon Caller ( He used to coon hunt) and some more things.
I grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs last night. It was hot here. I was left with instructions by Hubby to separate all electrical and plumbing stuff piled in sun room, so that he can get started wiring in there. Doesn't he know it is hot out there.. and I have stitching to do. LOL
Well, I am headed out to do some grocery shopping. We are out of milk and cereal. . I have two small steaks in the freezer I may grill tonight. I love summertime grillin'.
Till Later.....


Parsley said...

LOve it. So cute. Did you have a pattern?

Danielle said...

Love the pouch. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Now I have you in my blog reader.

Myra said...

You did a fabulous job with this piece. I love how you personalized it.

I love summer grilling too. Of course we grill year round here - I hate cooking in the oven.

Michelle May said...

Well you know I love that little bag with the bunny! I also love your dad's nickname. Too sweet!
Ah yes...grilling in the Summer. Somethings are just so simple and perfect.

Deanna said...

That's a great pouch. I know he loved it.

Grilling is great until it gets hot and muggy. yeck.

Ranae said...

Wow! The pouch is so cool. Awesome finishing
We cook out every nite, lol
Thanks my friend, for signing up to make a ornament

Pumpkin said...

This bunny CRAZED person just LOVES that pouch!!!! Great job April :o)